Kate is Brian's blind girlfriend in "The Blind Side" until he discovers that she hates dogs.

When Quagmire is inspired by Peter's new deaf co-worker Stella to have a disabled ladies night at The Drunken Clam, Brian isn't impressed by the pickings but decides to try his luck with a normal-looking girl at the bar.

Brian cuts to the chase and asks her out and she agrees, telling him her name is Kate whom he later finds out that she was blind.

After a pleasant date at the movies, Brian accompanies Kate at home and plans to kiss her, but while Brian is about to kiss her, the dog of Kate's neighbor starts barking and she confesses how much she hates dogs, Brian manages to apologize.

The next morning, Stewie pumps Brian for information about his date eventually getting him to mention Kate is blind, Stewie then suggests that Brian might be a good guide dog for Kate, but Brian scolds him, admitting that she hates dogs.

Stewie wonders how he intends to get away with his ruse and Brian tells of trying to show her his good side before revealing the truth.

Brian continues to impress her by faking events during their dates although resists being intimate with her, telling her it is out of respect.

She invites him to a dinner with her parents, but Brian finds out that their vision is fine, when Brian tells Stewie about his predicament, Stewie convinces him to let him help, Stewie wraps Brian in bandages for his dinner date and Stewie dresses as a nurse, telling a tale of how Brian was burned alive rescuing two children.

When the events reveal Brian's true nature, Kate leaves him for lying to her and exits through an alarmed fire door to the sound of blaring horns causing a car accident, as Stewie is already dressed as a nurse, he heads out to help.

The next day, Brian is depressed over losing Kate until Stewie convinces him that since she is blind, he could use a different voice to fool her and he proceeds to do just that.

In "Valentine's Day in Quahog", Stewie gathers scores of Brian’s former girlfriends including Kate to get to the bottom of why he’s unsuccessful in love. When Brian lashes back at the criticism, he attacks Kate for being blind.

Kate is voiced by Sara Fletcher and used to a love interest of Brian Griffin until they broke up at the end when he lied to her.

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