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Kara Milovy is the love interest of James Bond from the James Bond movie, The Living Daylights. She was originally General Georgi Koskov's love interest. She is first seen when Bond was about to kill her by using a sniper's rifle. However, Bond disobeys orders to kill Kara and Bond shoots his weapon out of her hands, when Bond must have scared the living daylights out of her. Discovering that Kara is a victim as opposed to a proper assassin, Bond rescues Kara escape from the KGB in Bratislava and getting her trust by claiming to be sent by Koskov and then takes her to Austria after Bond's Aston Martin self-destructed while Bond and Kara flee from the explosion and sled to the Austrian border on her cello case. She contacts Koskov directly and Koskov's lover realizes that Bond is a KGB agent. She finally breaks up with Koskov and goes back to Bond's side. She and Bond were taken to Afghanistan and team up with a Mujahideen group lead by the Kamran Shah. Kara allows Shah to assist Bond by destroying a Soviet airbase. Bond hijacks a C130 plane and Kara helps him pilot the plane carrying drugs while batting the villainous Necros at the back. After Kara's world tour and Kara was rewarded with a special visa for her bravery, she is disappointed that Bond didn't make it to the award ceremony, to her surprise, she discovers that Bond was in her dressing room as a surprise to be together at the end of the film.


Kara Milovy is the last main Bond girl to be a blonde, after The Living Daylights, all main Bond girls are brunettes.

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