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Juliet O'Hara is a major character on the american drama/comedy, Psych. She is a junior detective for the Santa Barbara Police Department, and the love interest to Shawn Spencer. 

Juliet first appeared in the show's second episode, and Shawn developes a crush on her right away, which he has shown in many ways. For instance, when Shawn goes undercover as a newspaper horoscope writer, in the month that Juliet was born in, he wrote "Your one true love will be wearing sneakers and an Apple Jacks T-shirt." Shawn then wears sneakers and an Apple Jacks T-shirt to impress Juliet..

However, at the begginning of the show, Juliet has no romantic feelings for Shawn, and can even find him annoying at some points, but it still nice to him, unlike her partner, Carlton Lassiter. However, Juliet does admit that she finds him funny, and is very impressed by his so-called psychic abilities. 

The two of them bond while solving cases, and in Season 5, the two officially become a couple.

However in Season 7 they broke up when Juliet found out that Shawn was really not a psychic. When Shawn was really going to tell the chief the truth, Juliet covered for Shawn by lying about how Shawn led her to the photos when she wasn't there with Shawn when he found them, still showing that she cares for him. But before season 7 was over she got back together with him.

In season 8 when Carlton was promoted chief, Juliet moved to San Francisco with Karen Vick as the Mayor of Santa Barbara wouldn't let Carlton keep her, at the finale, Shawn moves up with her with Gus soon following after and while Shawn propose to Juliet, she accepts only for a thief to steal Shawn's grandmother's ring as they followed pursuit in a car Gus drove up here that was technically stolen.

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