Judy is the love interest of Fred in the YouTube series Fred as well as Fred: The Movie.


Judy is the object of Fred's affections as well as one of the popular students in school. Howver, she often turns Fred down and goes out with his rival Kevin instead.

In "Fred Stalks Judy", Fred tries to visit her and enters the house when he finds the door unlocked. While he is going through Judy's stuff, she finds him in her home, prompting Fred to get out of the house fast, resisting arrest.

In "Fred Goes on a Date with Judy", Kevin plays a joke on Fred by pretending that Judy ended her relationship with Kevin and cose to gon a date with Fred.

Fred: The Movie

Fred is unhappy that Judy is going to sing a duet with his rival Kevin. Then Fred goes on a journey to find her new housee. When he arrives, he discovers that Judy was hosting a party but did not invite Fred over and then Fred unintentonally vomits on her dress, thanks to Kevin shoving a pizza onto Fred's shirt.

Later on, Judy pays Fred a visit, apologizing for not inviting him to her party and asks him if he can sing with her, much to Fred's delight and Kevin's dismay.

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