Joey Parker is one of the main characters of the romantic comedy musical film, Another Cinderella Story. He is a famous singer returning home to attend his Senior Year and is best friends with Dustin. He is also the main love interest of Mary Santiago.


Joey is kind, caring, humble and down to Earth. Despite his celebrity status and popularity, Joey doesn't let fame go to his head and instead wishes to keep his life real, wanting to maintain having a normal life and returns to school. Joey has a good comman sense and head on his shoulders, refusing to do a duet with former pop star Dominique due to lack of popularity as well as her rude and selfish behaviour. Joey loves singing, but has a stronger and passionate love for dancing, but lacks some creativity. In regards to his romantic feelings for Mary, Joey loves Mary for who she is and doesn't jugde her the way others have, wanting to fully get to know her and have a real relationship.


Joey Parker is a famous singer and dancer. Early in his childhood, Joey developed a passion and love for dancing and singing and later at the age of 13, Joey began his career and became a widely famous and popular singer and dancer and at somepoint became best friends with Dustin. During his career, Joey has clashed several times with former and currently rundown pop star, Dominique Blatt where she actually dished him on TRL. Joey's managers are his two parents and he attends Beverly Glen High School. While there, he was in a relationship with Natalia Faroush and both were well known as the High School Power Couple. Eventually, Joey broke up with Natalia when he left school to go on tour to Japan alongside his best friend, Dustin. After a year of touring, Joey decides to return home, wanting to return to school to keep his life real, but was also currently in a funk, wanting to return home to remember why he began dancing in the first place.

Another Cinderella Story

In the beginning of the film, the news is reporting the excited return of Joey Parker to Los Anglos, showing a reporter questioning Joey about his return, revealing he's trying to keep his life real. The reporter also announces that aside from Joey's return, he will be sponsoring a huge dancing competition. The next day, Joey begins his first day back at school with Dustin and the moment they arrive, dozens of people hurriedly run to the entrance of the school when Joey and Dustin arrive. Joey and Dustin enter the school and bumped into Mary and Tami, but before they can properly introduce themselves, Joey meets with his former girlfriend, Natalia who surprises him with a kiss. After school, Joey goes to dancing classes as an instructor to help upcoming participants of the dancing competition. Joey shows the class several moves and altogether they do a dance. During this time, Joey unknowingly dances with Mary and together they are in perfect sync.

Later, Joey and his parents go Dominique's mansion as both his parents and Dominique want them to do a duet together, but Joey refuses due to his dislike of her as well as wanting to focus on school. Joey continues to grow annoyed with his parents and Dominique and grows further uncomfortable when Britt and Bree flirt with him and attempt to force him to take one of them to the upcoming Black and White Ball at school. Eventually, the tension reaches it's conclusion when Dominique insults Joey, claiming he will eventually be forgotten and fade from existence. Dustin stands up for Joey and declares he is now Joey's manager and begins to leave until Joey bumps into Mary and lands on the floor.

Later at the Black and White Ball, Joey and Dustin are together and immediately notice the arrival of two mysterious girls, one dressed in red and the other dressed in black and white strips. Joey becomes attracted to the mystery girl in red and they begin to talk. Joey asks her to dance and she accepts and brings her Zune to the DJ, playing a tango song. Joey and the mystery girl begin to dance together, attracting the attention of the entire school. Joey falls in love with the mystery girl and is amazed by her talent of dance. However, their dance together is interrupted when Britt and Bree sabotage, spilling a bowl of marbles causing the mystery girl to fall and thus humiliate her.

Joey helps her, expressing his true feelings that she was amazing and reveals his true identity to her, but before she has time to react, the mystery girl and her friend are suddenly force to leave the dance and return home. Joey attempts to go after her, but loses sight and only finds the Zune she accidently dropped and left behind. Beginning his search for the mystery girl, Joey announces through the school speakers the next day, revealing the night he danced with her was one of the best nights of his life and reveals his desire to find her and get to know her. Due to Joey's announcement, numerous girls approach him, claiming to be the msyerty girl he danced with, but are all proven to be false when none are unable to name the top listened songs on the Zune.

Joey begins to lose hope in finding out the identity of his mystery girl and becomes annoyed after being harassed by Britt and Bree, respectively. Britt approaches Joey, claiming to be the mystery girl, revealing all the names of the most listened songs on the Zune, much to Joey's surprise and disbelief. Joey tests Britt to prove her claims, asking her to dance and quickly sees through her lies due to her inability to dance and leaves. Joey is once again cornered by Bree and after she begins to make a scene to prove she is the mystery girl, Joey again leaves. By the end of the day, Joey and Dustin are leaving school as Dustin assures Joey he will find the girl, before they leave in Joey's car they are approached by Mary Santiago, unknown to Joey is the mystery girl he danced with at the Black and White Ball. Remembering Mary from Dominique's dinner and believing she is merely using the mystery girl as an excuse to approach him regarding Dominique's request for a duet. Joey refuses to listen to Mary and ultimatly blows her off much to her sadness and disappointment.

Later that night, Joey waits outside Dominique's house as Dustin enters to attempt to locate the mystery girl. Dustin manages to find her by finding his own mystery girl, revealed to be Tami and calls Joey to come inside to finally meet her as Tami goes to Mary. Joey enters is briefly harassed by Dominique regarding his refusal of a duet. Once finding Mary, Tami and Dustin bring the pair together. Still unaware of her identity, Joey asks Mary for the identity of the mystery girl. Gaining confidence in herself, Mary again attempts to reveal her identity, but is interrupted when her stepsisters and Natalia humiliate her by showcasing an old video from her childhood, expressing her love for Joey Parker, causing her to run out of the room. However, refusing to let her stepsisters have their way, Mary gathers her stereo and the music she danced with Joey on the night of the Black and White Ball and plays the music outside near the pool. Joey hears the music and looks outside to find Mary. Joey leaves the party and finally realizes that Mary is the mystery girl he has been searching for and returns her Zune. Joey apologizes to Mary for how he acted before and expresses his amazement that he finally found her.


Mary Santiago

Mary Santiago is the main protagonist of Another Cinderella Story and is the main love interest of Joey Parker. Mary and Joey first met when both accidently bumped into each other in the hallways of Beverly Glen High School. However, before they could properly introduce themselves, Joey's ex-girlfriend, Natalia appears and surprises Joey with a kiss before dragging him away, much to Mary's sadness. Mary begins to develop romantic feelings for Joey which soon become obvious as her stepsisters quickly realize her feelings and warn Mary to stay away from Joey, threanting to release an embrassing video from her childhood if she approaches him. While both still have yet to meet or know one another, Mary and Joey are passionate and love dancing as when Joey was teaching contestants of the upcoming dance competition, he and Mary were in perfect sync together and could feel a connection, despite not seeing or knowing of Mary's presence in the other room. Mary and Joey later meet again when Joey is forced to attend a meeting of a possible duet between him and Mary's stepmother Dominique, resulting in the two once again bumping to each other.

Eventually, Joey and Mary finally meet each other at the Black and White Ball at Beverly Glen High School. Joey instantly falls for Mary the moment he sees her arrive at the dance and they both begin to speak to each other. Joey asks Mary to dance and she accepts and requests the DJ to play a romantic tango song through her Zune. During their dance together, Joey is greatly impressed by Mary's dancing skills, seeing her passion, love and talent and ultimately falls in love with her. Joey expresses his amazement of her talent and reveals his true identity much to her shock. However, before Mary can reveal her own identity, she is forced to leave the dance with Tami when she notices midnight approaching and must return to the mansion before Dominique. Joey attempts to stop and follow her, but loses sight and only finds the Zune she had left behind.

Joey is determined to find the mystery girl he danced with and gains the idea, requesting to send a message through the school speakers. Joey expresses how much the mystery girl made an impact on him, revealing the night they danced together was one of the best nights of his life and requests they meet together and in order to prove and confirm her identity, she must list the most listens songs on the Zune. Mary is unsure if whether she should reveal her identity to Joey, seeing numerous girls line up to date Joey and believes he might not like her when he discovers who she really is. While Joey remains determined to find his mystery girl, he soon grows tired of the numerous girls, espically after an encounter with Britt and Bree. Eventually, Mary decides to reveal her identity, but while she is in the process, Joey remembers that Mary works for Dominique and believes she is suing the mystery girl as excuse to get him to duet with her. Joey rejects Mary, leaving her deeply hurt and heartbroken.

Later that night during the second Sweet 16 Birthday party for Britt and Bree, Joey learns through Dustin that he has finally managed to find his mystery girl upon finding Tami. Dustin and Tami get Mary and Joey together and Mary makes her second attempt to reveal her identity, but is humiliated when her stepsisters and Natalia humiliate her, showcasing on old fan video, declaring her love for Joey at the age of 11. While Joey tries to assure Mary, she is completely hurt, humiliated and devastated and runs away to her bedroom. However, Mary regains herself and finally reveals her identity as the mystery girl to Joey outside the party, playing the music they danced together on the night of the ball. Joey hears the music and notices Mary. Joey leaves the party and is shocked to finally realize that Mary has truly been the girl he has been searching for all along and returns her Zune. Realizing his mistake for rejecting Mary earlier, realizing she was trying to tell him, but was harshly rejected, Joey apologizes to Mary and gives her his jacket when it becomes too cold.

Mary expresses slight doubts of Joey's feelings, questioning if they are true and genuine and not simply pitting or viewing her to be charity. Joey assures Mary, confessing she has constantly been on his mind and he can't can't stop thinking about her since the night they danced together. Joey and Mary flirt regarding her video and Joey finally asks Mary out, but are interrupted when Dominique calls out to Mary, forcing her to leave but not before she replays to Joey's question, "yes" much to his delight. Since then, Joey and Mary develop a close relationship and Joey is the first to become aware that Mary is getting an audition to attend a Performing Arts School and offers to help her practice her audition, showing several dance moves and fixing ones that need work. Natalia and Mary's stepsisters attempt to intervene, creating a fake list of chores for Mary to do to prevent from practicing with Joey. However, their plan backfires when instead Joey creatively helps Mary by combining cleaning the house while at the same time help Mary practice dancing. Joey and Mary have a great time, having fun together cleaning and practicing. During their time together, Mary also helps Joey to loosen up with his dancing moves, adding something more creative to each of his moves than something simple and basic.

In Mary's bedroom, Mary and Joey grow more closer when Mary helps Joey work on a new song, they share an intense moment and nearly kiss, until Mary snaps them back to reality. Joey confesses to Mary that one of the reasons he returned home was to remember why he began dancing and confesses that since he met and danced with her, he has now remembered, seeing the great impact and inspiration she has given him since they met. Joey and Mary promise to continue practising with their romantic feelings growing more stronger to the point where Mary and Joey have truly fallen in love. However, wanting Joey for herself, Natalia, Joey's ex-girlfriend, creates a plot that she ensures will break up Joey and Mary, sending Mary flowers from "Joey" to meet him at midnight at his house. Mary happily arrives, but is heartbroken to instead find Joey together with Natalia and runs away heartbroken and in tears. Believing Joey has been faking his feelings all along, believing he was using her as a joke, Mary breaks up with him and and quits dancing, much to his surprise.

Joey and Dustin gain help from Tami to figure out what happened and although she at first refuses to speak to them, Tami reveals Mary saw him cheating with Natalia that night at his house. Joey finally realizes that Natalia alongside Mary's stepsisters created that plot to break them up and assures Tami he would never do anything to hurt Mary and becomes more surprised upon hearing Mary didn't get her audition for the Performing Arts School in Manhatten. However, to help Mary get into the Performing Arts, Joey creates a plan with the help of Dustin and Tami to ensure they bring Mary to his dancing competition. While reluctant, Mary goes to the dancing competition and watches from the audience. Despite her hurt feelings, Mary's love for Joey remains and their connection is stronger and more intense than ever when they look into each other's eyes from a distance. During the finale of the dancing contest when Joey performs a song, he stops the performance and announces he wants someone special to join him on stage and calls out to Mary, only to discover nobody can find her until everyone begins to call out to her.

Mary is soon found and Joey asks her to join him on stage and while Mary refuses, Joey confesses to everyone she is the most amazing dance partner he has ever had in his life. Joey and Mary begin to jokingly taunt one another, resulting in Mary joining him on stage and to show her moves and soon a dance-off begins between them. Mary and Joey greatly impress everyone and soon both dance together as they did at the Black and White Ball and Mary joins him in singing his newest song, astonishing the crowd and their feelings fully ignited and renewed. However, Mary leaves the stage, noticing an angry glare from Natalia, remembering seeing her and Joey together. During a quick break, Joey expresses how amazing Mary was and assures that nothing happened between him and Natalia, confessing he was set up by her and Britt and Bree. Joey assures Mary that no matter what they do, they will not interfere in their relationship, confessing his beliefs that they are meant to be together. Mary believes Joey and their relationship is restored and gains more happiness when Joey announces Mary as the winner of the dancing competition amen both embrace each other. In the aftermath, Mary is congratulated by everyone, including a distraught Natalia and while Dominique claims Mary has "embrassed" them, her decit is revealed when Regina Cretikos, a representative of the Manhatten Performing Arts appears and reveals Dominique's lie. Mary is accepted in the Performing Arts and Mary and Joey share their first kiss. By the end of the movie, Mary and Joey are last seen driving off together to Manhatten, sharing another kiss and happily in love.

Natalia Faroush

Natalia Faroush is Joey's former girlfriend. Prior to the film, Joey and Natalia were in a romantic relationship and were well known throughout the school as Sweethearts. However, Joey ended the relationship with Natalia when he began his tour and left for Japan. Despite their breakup, Natalia still held romantic feelings for Joey and upon his return from his tour is determined to get back together with him, planning to reunite with him during the upcoming Black and White Ball. Natalia makes her feelings and attempts extremely clear to Joey, kissing him upon his return to school and drags him away to spend time, much to Joey's discomfort, revealing he doesn't feel the same way anymore. During the dance class preparing for the dancing competition, Natalia again attempts to flirt with Joey by dancing with him romantically, but Joey ignores her attempts.

Natalia later gains competition for Joey's affections upon seeing him dancing together with unknown mysterious girl at the Black and White Ball, unknown to anyone is actually Mary Santiago. Eventually, Natalia learns through Mary's stepsisters the truth and humiliate her in front of Joey and the entire school upon releasing a video expressing her childhood crush on at Britt and Bree's Birthday party. However, Natalia's attempts are foiled as it doesn't affect Joey's feelings for Mary and they only become more closer upon finally discovery Mary is the mystery girl he danced with and they begin a relationship. Natalia refuses to give up and works together with Britt and Bree in attempts to drive Mary and Joey apart. After several failed attempts, Natalia creates a plan to make Mary believe Joey is cheating on her, sending flowers sent by "Joey" to meet at his house at midnight, only to find him together with Natalia. Mary is heartbroken, but remains unaware that Natalia actually broke in Joey's house while he was asleep and attempts to get back together. While acknowledging their previous relationship, Joey refuses, officially declaring their old relationship has ended for good and leaves Natalia.

However, Natalia's plan has succeeded as she is successful in breaking up Mary and Joey and still strongly believes she and Joey will reunite since Mary ended their relationship. Joey laters discovers the truth from Tami, learning Mary saw him together with Natalia and realizes the plot created by Natalia and Mary's stepsisters plot to break them up. Later at Joey's dancing competition, Natalia enters and is greatly admired and loved by the audience and again flirts with Joey, blowing him a kiss. However, Natalia's attempts and plot are stopped for good when Mary and Joey reunite at the competition when they do a dance off. By the end of the night, Mary wins the competition and Natalia finally gives her attempts to win Joey back.

Britt and Bree Blatt

Britt and Bree are Mary Santiago's stepsisters who harbour unrequited romantic feelings for Joey Parker. Britt and Bree are both extremely huge fans of Joey Parker and are excited about his return to Beverly Glen High School. While both are aware of his previous relationship with their friend and leader, Natalia, Britt and Bree make their own efforts to have Joey for themselves, attempting to get Joey to ask one of them to the Black and White Ball. However, their attempts to get Joey's attention and affection fails as instead they make Joey extremely uncomfortable in when he is in their presence. However, they realize they face competition from their stepsister Mary, realizing her obvious feelings towards him and threaten Mary to stay away from Joey otherwise they will release an embrassing childhood video, with Mary expressing her childhood crush on Joey. Later, after the events of the Black and White Ball, Britt and Bree come to realize that Mary is the mystery girl who with danced with Joey Parker and each sneak into her room to gain her playlist to know the names of the song on the Zune.

Britt first approaches Joey, naming all the songs and believes she will fool him into thinking she is the girl he is looking for, believing she can be with him. However, Joey isn't fooled as while he is shocked and in disbelief of her knowledge of the songs, he realizes she isn't the mystery girl due to her inability to dance and leaves when she begins to make a scene, attracting the attention of many students to prove her dance skills. Once Joey leaves, he is approached by Bree who also intends to prove herself. Joey attempts to gently reject her, but she refuses and similar to her sister, causes a scene in the school hallways to prove her dancing skills. Tired of their attempts, Joey simply walks away.




  • Joey is portrayed as "Prince Charming".
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