Jocasta is the love interest and bride of Ultron in The Avengers.


Ultron built Jocasta to be his mate. Since he couldn't give her a mind of her own, he coerced Hank Pym into sacrificing Wasp's mind for him. Since Jocasta still had Wasp's consciousness, she was able to fight back and the Avengers transferred her back to her original body.

Wasp's consciousness left an imprint in Jocasta's memory-space and she eventually gained her own intelligence. Ultron tried to make her his bride, but Jocasta's sense of morality caused her to rebel, joining the Avengers for a brief period of time. She would later form a relationship with Machine Man before sacrificing herself to stop Ultron.



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Jocasta and Ultron

Jocasta was originally created by Ultron. He had intended for Jocasta to be blindly in love with him but hadn't anticipated that she would take on the heroic mentality lingering from Wasp's time as Jocasta. Jocasta then turned on her maker and became one of his most frustrating enemies.

Machine Man

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Jocasta and Machine Man

Jocasta and Machine Man were both androids allied with the Avengers. Jocasta often felt insecure about being non-human and being around Machine Man helped her gain confidence. After Jocasta sacrificed herself to destroy Ultron, Machine Man admitted he had feelings for her and resolved to resurrect her.


  • "Jocasta" was the name of Oedipus Rex's mother. The fact that Ultron was built by Hank Pym and possessed the consciousness of his wife makes the original Jocasta both Ultron's bride and surrogate mother.
  • Ultron wanting a mate is similar to Frankenstein's Monster.
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