Jezebel Jet is a former love interest (and possibly the last serious one) to Batman.



Bruce and Jezebel

Jezebel Jet is a wealthy African supermodel and social activist. She catches Bruce's eye during a visit to an art exhibition and the two begin dating soon afterwards. Jezebel appears a lot more insightful than Bruce's other girlfriends, immediately suspecting that he's hiding something from her. After watching Bruce brutally beat up a super-villain, she concludes that Bruce is Batman.

Bruce comes clean and their relationship becomes even more serious, with rumours that the two may get married at some point. When a criminal organization known as [the Black Glove] kidnaps Jezebel, Batman follows them to Arkham Asylum. While there, Batman hears Jezebel's screams mixed with the Joker's taunts. He confronts the Joker, who has formed an alliance with the Black Glove, but steps aside to let Batman see Jezebel bound and imprisoned in a glass cell that is slowly filling with poison petals. Batman breaks the glass and tries to save Jezebel, but to his shock, Jezebel removes her restraints and casually walks out with no signs of intoxication. She then gloats as she reveals herself to be the Black Glove's mole.

Jezebel Jet 008

Jezebel shows her true colours

After Batman, his allies and the Joker all take turns beating down the Black Glove, Jezebel escapes, plotting her revenge. Aboard her private jet, she's ambushed by a swarm of Man-Bats courtesy of Talia Al Ghul. Jezebel's jet crashes and she's largely presumed deceased.

Jezebel's remains

Approximately one year later, Batman establishes Batman: Incorporated and takes his crime-fighting to a global level. He meets competition in the form of a terrorist organization known as Leviathan. Batman suspects from several clues that Jezebel may be behind Leviathan, but the real culprit is Talia. Talia deliberately made Batman believe that Jezebel was behind it so that she could display her severed head for Batman to find.

Love Rivals

Talia al Ghul

Bruce began dating Jezebel at the same time he found out that he had a son with Talia. Since he was divided between the two, Talia immediately took a strong dislike towards Jezebel. It's likely that if Jezebel didn't meet Bruce at that time, Talia's animosity towards her wouldn't be so strong and she wouldn't have helped Batman stop her.

Catwoman and Vicki Vale also show signs of jealousy towards Jezebel.

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