Jenny is the tritagonist of Free Birds, Reggie's love interest and later wife. She is voiced by Amy Poehler who voices Joy in Inside Out.

Her story

Jenny first meets Reggie and Jake in the forest where she and Reggie would first talk to each other and after Reggie asks her if it's Turkey paradise, Jenny would clamp Reggie's mouth shut to keep him quiet.

When they are running to find more safety, Jenny would stop Reggie from falling of a tree they were on and would tell him that they should catch up with the other turkeys.

When she and Reggie are off the tree, she tells Reggie that her name is Jenny.

Then, she and the rest of the turkey including Reggie would hide in a cave until it's ok to get out of the cave and go home but when her brother Ranger gets into a fight with Jake, Jenny would stop them from fighting by grabbing their throats and tell them to stop their gross display and get back home.

Then she would pull down both Jake and Rangers throats, walks away and kindly punches Reggie in the Shoulder and saying "It's all about Confidence"

When she and the rest of the Turkey's are about to go in the tree, Reggie asks Jenny if she was Ranger's boyfriend which Jenny says "Eww no. Ranger's is my brother".

Then Jenny says even if Ranger was not her brother, she wants a boyfriend who uses more mind and less muscle and soon shows him the baby turkeys and Reggie wonders what it would be like if they had babies.

The next day Reggie worked to impress her even asking Jenny to kiss him during the springing of the traps but she and Reggie share a romantic moment after she saves him from a trap and after he shows her the time machine they arrived in Jenny's heart felt melted and as soon as they were back at the tree and behind her locked bed room door the two turkeys made out after dancing together and when the hunters are gone and Jake and Steve disappear Reggie and Jenny are married the following night.

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