Jennifer Baker 2

Jennifer Baker is the true love interest of Pistachio Disguisey after he got broke up with his ex-girlfriend Sophia include that she broke up with her former boyfriend Trey.

But she's also married to Pistachio at the end of the movie and she's played by Jennifer Esposito.

Her Story

She wasn't seen when Pistachio's grandfather gets him an assistant which one of them didn't fit as he parnter. But Jennifer took the job after knowing that her son Barney know pistachio the other day.

Later, the two find one of Bowman's cigars and learn of Bowman's scheme as well as that he will be at an antiques fair the next day.

Then, Pistachio and Jennifer go to the fair with Pistachio disguised as an elderly woman. Then, Bowman invites Jennifer to a party at his house. Pistachio goes to the party in disguise and distracts Bowman while Jennifer looks for clues.

That night, Pistachio and Jennifer look through the clues. Later on, Pistachio takes Jennifer home and they kiss after realizing that they have feelings for each other.

Later, Bowman's men kidnap Jennifer and Pistachio breaks into Bowman's house to rescue Jennifer and his parents.

Bowman has attached a mask of his own face to Fabbrizio's head. While the real Bowman escapes, Pistachio fights his father who's brainwashed to think that he's the real Bowman.

In the end, Pistachio helps his father snap out his trance, they free Mama, return the artifacts, Pistachio marries Jennifer and becomes an official Master of Disguise.

However, Bowman still has the United States Constitution and The Disguiseys locate Bowman, defeat him and retrieve the Constitution.

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