Jenna with Wilfred


Jenna is the love interest to Ryan Newman and Wilfred's owner in the US version of the drama-comedy Wilfred.


Jenna and Wilfed moved next door to Ryan at the start of the series. She's a news reporter who's later promoted to anchorwoman. After accidentally ingesting a mind-altering substance right before going on the air, Jenna winds up embarrassing herself and is demoted to fluff pieces. After Ryan confesses to leaving the drugs in her possession, Jenna uses this to create a story and manages to get her anchor position back.


Ryan Newman

Ryan is Jenna's neighbour. After moving next to him, she asks Ryan if he can mind Wilfred. Ryan develops a crush on Jenna, but is too shy to act on it. Wilfred knows that Ryan likes Jenna and uses this to his advantage, particularly when Ryan is under the influence of Wilfred's second-hand weed.

Towards the end of Season 3, Jenna finally kisses Ryan on impulse.


Drew is Jenna's boyfriend and later husband. He's a boorish, aggressive jock who clearly doesn't understand Jenna well enough. He does however seem genuinely friendly towards Ryan and Wilfred, but both secretly dislike him.

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