Jenna is the one of the main characters of the Balto movie trilogy. She is the pet dog of her owner Rosy and is the mother of a litter of puppies, including Aleu and Kodi. She is also the main love interest of Balto


Jenna is kind, caring, considerate, motherly, loving, sweet, wise, helpful, brave, independent and honest. Unlike many dogs and humans in Nome, Jenna doesn't judge others based on their heritage or appearence, proven as she was friends with Balto when everyone else in Nome constantly rejected and ridiculed him due to his wolf heritage. Jenna enjoys being with Balto, seeing he truly considers and cares for her and her feelings and discovers Balto is fascinating and intriguing, teaching her to create "The Northan Lights" using broken bottle caps.

Despite appearing as fragile, Jenna is strong, brave, intelligent and independent and will not let others force her into something she refuses to take part, especially shown through her interactions with Steele. Jenna doesn't return Steele's feelings for her, seeing him for the true self-centred, arrogant, glory hounding dog he truly is and stands up to him whenever he bullies Balto. Jenna is also willing to put herself in dangerous situations to help her friends and whenever Balto leaves Nome to go on a mission, Jenna always wishes to go and help him. Jenna also loves her owner Rosy very much and is protective of her, shown throughout the first film her deeps worries over Rosy's wellbeing and health, bringing her in the verge of tears several times when Rosy continued to grow worse.


When Jenna was eight weeks old, she was given a home and became the pet dog and close companion of her owner Rosy. Jenna is well known in Nome, being kind and caring as well as very beautiful, attracting the attention of many dogs, including Steele, the town hero and lead dog on the local sled team.


During one of the many sled races, Jenna was with Rosy when she was given her own sled and proceeded to watch the rest of the race alongside her other close friends, Dixie and Sylvie. However, during the race, Rosy lost her hat which landed on the race track and thus was unable to retrieve it. Much to both the surprise of Rosy and Jenna, Balto managed to retrieve her hat and beaten Steele during the sled race. Rosy is grateful and seemed to notice that Balto also wanted to impress Jenna and decides to add Balto to her own sled team until Ross's father appeared and forced him to leave, upsetting Rosy and Jenna. When Jenna and Rosy begin to leave, Steele appears and begins to flirt with Jenna, inviting her to dinner. However, Jenna rejects Steele's offer, causing him to become jealous and makes a remark regarding her relationship with Balto. Before Jenna can make a comment, she is forced to be called away upon hearing Rosy and leaves Steele. On their way home, Balto and Jenna briefly meet, but nervous and afraid of rejection, Balto hides away. Jenna attempts to locate Balto, but is forced to leave upon hearing Rosy's father calling.

Later, Rosy is at the hospital, revealing she along with many of the children of Nome have also become sick, greatly worrying Jenna. Balto approaches Jenna and attempts to ask her own a date, but notices her attention is focusing more on Rosy. Balto leads Jenna to the boiler room, leading underground to the hospital room floors to learn more about Rosy's condition. Balto and Jenna begin to grow more closer as Balto shows Jenna a special effected created with broken bottles to create an imitation of the Northern Lights. They attempt to share a moment, but are interrupted when they hear the doctor speaking with Rosy's father and sadly discovers the news that Rosy along with all the children in Nome have fallen ill with Diphtheria and have no medicine. Jenna is deeply saddened by the news and Balto begins to apologize for bringing her down to the room and upsetting her, but Jenna assures Balto. However, they are soon interrupted by Steele who attempts to steal Jenna away to have dinner. Balto attempts to intervene, but notices Jenna has a plan and uses Steele's feelings against him, causing him to be burnt.

Balto and Jenna attempt to escape, but hear Rosy's father and the butcher approaching and Steele frames Balto, making Rosy's father and the butcher believe he stole the sausages Steele had. Balto runs away and while Jenna attempts to go after him, she is held back by Rosy's father. The next day, everyone has gathered to watch the sled race to determine which dogs will be selected to join the team that's will retrieve the medicine to cure the children. Dixie is surprised that Jenna doesn't support Steele and learns from Sylvie that Jenna actually has feelings for Balto after hearing about the previous night. When the race begins and upon learning Balto has decided to particate, Jenna greatly supports him and cheers for Balto during the race and is greatly happy when he wins. Steele refuses to add Balto to the team and begins to harass him until Jenna appears and scolds him for being a "glory-hound". However, Balto is sadly rejected from the team as Steele make sure it appear that Balto is untrustworthy to join. Jenna apologizes and tries to comfort Balto, who sadly runs off with Jenna calling out to him.

When the sled team leave to retrieve the medicine, Jenna remains by Rosy's side and is even allowed to enter the hospital to see her, hoping to cheer her up. However, Rosy and the children grow more sick, causing Jenna to become distressed and slowly the town begins to lose hope when Steele and the sled team are revealed to be lost in the snow storm. Later, outside the hospital, Jenna smells Balto's scent and after seeing tracks nearby, Jenna realizes that Balto has left to find Steele and Team and decides to follow and help. Jenna reunites with Balto and the others and saves Balto when he is almost crushed by a grizzly bear. Balto leads the bear away from the others to a frozen lake, but due to the weight of the bear, causes the ice beneath them to crush and both Balto and the bear fall into the frozen water lake. Jenna is frequently trying to find Balto as Muk and Luk jumped into the water to find and rescue him. Muk and Luk rescue Balto and bring him back to the surface much to the delight and relief of Jenna and Boris.

Balto and Jenna properly reunite as Jenna warms Balto and reveals information regarding their trail, revealing they need to take the mountain trail as a short cut has been blocked off. While knowing it will be dangerous and difficult, Jenna assures they can make the journey and Balto assures, complimenting that Jenna can do anything, expressing his gratitude for saving him. However, Jenna is revealed to have been injured during the fight against the bear and is unable to continue the rest of the journey to find Steele and the sled team. Balto instructs Muk and Luk to carry Jenna back to Nome with Boris as their guide. Jenna is worried for Balto going by himself and gives him her bandanna to keep him warm. Balto and Jenna say goodbye as Balto promises Jenna he will return with the medicine.

Back in Nome, Jenna informs the rest of the dogs that Balto is tracking down Steele and the sled team, but everyone makes fun of the idea and don't believe Balto can find them, upsetting and angering Jenna. Suddenly, someone arrives and while Jenna believes it's Balto, it's revealed to actually be Steele. When questioned about the fate of Balto and the others, Steele lies claiming they are dead and attempts to blame Balto and shows Jenna'a bandana as "proof". However, Jenna manages to see through Steele's lies and assures everyone that Balto is still alive and will come back, but everyone remains sceptical, beliving she is simply grieving Balto's "death". When the rest of the town gives up hope on the sled team returning with the medicine, they shut off the main light to guide them back. On the outskirts of Nome, Jenna uses the trick Balto taught her with the broken bottles and light to create "The Northern Lights" as a guide for them. Although still worried and afraid, Jenna stills retains hope for Balto's return. Later, Jenna is at Rosy's bedside and appears all hope is now lost. However, Jenna hears Balto and barks for joy, altering everyone that Balto and the team have finally returned with the medicine to save the children. Balto and Jenna happily reunite and officially become mates as Balto is hailed as hero by both the dogs and humans of Nome.

Balto II: Wolf Quest

A year has passed since Balto saved the town of Nome and he and Jenna are happily together as mates. Jenna is revealed to be pregnant and has given birth to a littler of puppies and while most of Balto and Jenna's children resemble Jenna, their daughter Aleu strongly resembles her father, Balto. Since Jenna and Balto are happily raising their family together and often go to play on the beach. Eight weeks later, Jenna takes the pups to visit Balto while she and Rosy go on a picnic. Balto suggests they all go on a picnic together the next day, but Jenna reminds Balto the next day their children will be getting ready to be adopted and sent to new homes. Balto is sad to see their children go and while Jenna feels the same, she assures and advises Balto that it's time for their children to begin to live their lives and if they wait longer it than it will be more difficult for them to find homes and leaves to meet Rosy for their picnic.

The next day, Jenna and Balto watch as one by one each their children are adopted. By the end of the day, all their children have been adopted, except for Aleu. Jenna believes they can still find an owner for Aleu, but Balto knows Aleu won't be adopted due to the fact she looks even more like a wolf than Balto himself. Jenna comes to realize and accept this and both decide it's better that Aleu remains unaware regarding the truth of her wolf heritage, afraid she will feel ashamed of herself. Since then, Aleu has been living with Balto and goes to visit Jenna at Rosy's house. A year later, Aleu is now 1 year old and after an encounter with a hunter, Balto is finally forced to confess to Aleu about their wolf heritage. Aleu is distressed and runs away. The next day, Balto discovers Aleu still hasn't returned home, believing she simply needed to time to accept the situation. Believing she might have gone to Jenna, Balto goes to see her, but finds Aleu isn't with her.

Balto informs Jenna about what happened the previous day, revealing Aleu is gone while expressing his regret he didn't tell her the truth sooner. Jenna becomes greatly worried and wants to begin the search for her. However, blaming himself for Aleu running away, Balto advises Jenna to stay behind while he searches and assures Jenna he will find Aleu and they comfort each other. Later, Jenna learns from Boris that Balto has left to further search for Aleu and decides to go and help him. However, Boris stops and advises Jenna that it's a journey for Balto and Aleu only and encourages her to have faith. Jenna listens to Boris, but still remains worried for Balto's safety. Since then, Jenna doesn't appear for the rest of the film, but is mentioned by Balto and Aleu. By the end of the film, Aleu decides to become the leader of a wolf pack and informs Balto to pass a message on to Jenna, informing her she has finally found her home. While it's not shown, it's most likely Jenna accepts Aleu's descision to live her life the way she wants and continues to live in Nome with Rosy, Balto and their friends.



Balto is the main protagonist of the Balto movie trilogy and is Jenna's main love interest. While not much history of their relationship is given prior to the beginning of the film, Jenna and Balto are revealed to be friends and Jenna is one of the few rare dogs who doesn't judge or bully Balto due to his wolf heritage. Balto is secretly in love with Jenna, but is shy and afraid to approach Jenna, believing he will be rejected due to his wolf heritage. However, Balto begins to gain confidance in himself as he and Jenna begin to slowly grow closer and he manages to impress her such as when he saves Rosy's hate and shows Jenna a special effect with broken glass to create the Northern Lights. Jenna begins to fall in love with Balto and throughout the film, they continue to grow closer as Balto wants to help Rosy and the children get better, greatly pleasing Jenna as she sees Batlo's heroic side, showing he wants to help in any way he can. Balto and Jenna's love for each other continues to grow and becomes more stronger as Jenna supports Balto when he decides to participate in the race to determine which dog will join the sled team to retrieve the medicine and cheers for Balto during the race. Jenna is shown she cares a great deal about Balto as she doesn't like when others bully and ridicule him and stands up whenever others judge or mistreat him, shown when she stands up against Steele after Balto wins the race.

When Jenna later learns that Balto has left to find Steele and the sled team lost in the snow storm, Jenna follows and soon reunites with Balto and saves him from a bear attack. Balto and Jenna properly reunite as Jenna warms Balto after he is rescue from a frozen lake. However, Jenna is forced to return to Nome, having been injured during the fight against the bear, but she gives Balto her scarf before returning to keep him warm. Balto and Jenna's love deepens as they become closer with every event bringing them more together as Jenna's willing went after Balto to help him as well as putting her own safety in danger to rescue him, including Balto thinking of Jenna's well being after her injury against the bear, knowing she needed to return to Nome to heal from her wounds. The events between Balto and Jenna both shows and proves their love for each other is truly incredible genuine, true, strong and pure. Later when Jenna returns and soon after Steele arrives, he lies to her and the dogs, claiming Balto and the others are dead and claims his dying wish was to take care of Jenna as one last effort and attempt to win Jenna for himself. However, Jenna soon realizes Steele is lying and knows Balto is still alive and uses the trick Balto taught her to guide him and the team home. Jenna's faith in Balto is incredibly strong, having witnessed his kindness and courage, making her certain that Balto will return with the medicine. By the end of the movie, Balto and the sled team return with the medicine, saving the children. Balto and Jenna happily reunite with each other and officially becomes mates.

In the beginning of the sequel, Balto II: Wolf Quest, Balto and Jenna have recently become parents to a litter of puppies. Balto and Jenna's relationship remains strong and close, but Jenna begins to notice that Balto appears tired, unaware of his strange dreams, but Balto assures Jenna, not wanting her to worry. Jenna's and Balto are happy with their children and while they are sad their children must now find their own owners, Jenna assures Balto that it's time for them to live their own lives. However, they face a problem when they discover that their daughter Aleu hasn't been adopted due to her appearance shown to be more wolf than dog due to Balto's wolf heritage. Balto and Jenna worry for Aleu's future and decide it's better they keep the truth regarding her wolf heritage a secret from her, worried of her reaction and not wanting her to feel ashamed of herself. Eventually when Aleu is a year old she learns the truth and runs away to find herself. Blaming himself, Balto decides to find Aleu on his own and assures Jenna he will find her. Jenna worries begin to grow when she learns Balto has left to find Aleu. Worried for his safety, Jenna expresses her desire and want to follow and help Balto, but is assured and advised by Boris that it's journey for Balto and Aleu only and to have faith.


Steele is the main antagonist of first Balto film. He is the lead dog of the local sled team and is considered the town hero. He harbours romantic feelings for Jenna and attempts to win her love and affections for himself. However, Jenna doesn't return his feelings and actually dislikes Steele due to his arrogance and being self-centered, seeing he only cares for himself. Steele comes to realize the growing relationship between Balto and Jenna and attempts to intervene as he tried to force Jenna to leave Balto and have dinner with him after he stole sausages from a butcher. Jenna uses Steele's feelings for her against him, causing him to be burnt as an attempt for her and Balto to escape. Jenna's dislike of Steele further grows as she is disgusted at how he bullies Balto when he manages to win the sled race to become part of the sled team to retrieve the medicine to save the children. She scolds him for harassing Balto and calls Steele out on being a "glory-hound", wanting all the credit and praises for himself.

Eventually, Jenna and Balto fall in love, but Steele attempts to make one last effort to win Jenna for himself. When Steele returns to Nome, he claims Balto and the rest of the dogs perished in the storm and attempts to make it appear it was Balto's fault they supposedly died as well as claiming his dying wish was for him to take care of Jenna. Steele's "proof" is Jenna's scarf she had given to Balto upon their seperation, while everyone remains unaware that Steele stole the scarf during a fight between him and Balto. However, Jenna sees through Steele's lies and knows Balto is still alive, but Steele makes it appear that Jenna will need time to "accept" Balto's "fate", confident he has finally won Jenna for himself and no longer has to worry about Balto as his rival. However, once Steele is revealed as a liar when Balto and the team have safety returned, Steele is ostracised and abandoned by the other dogs and thus loses everything.



Balto II: Wolf Quest



  • She was the voiced by Bridget Fonda in the first film and Jodi Benson in the sequels.
  • She serves as the deuteragonist of the first film and a minor character in the latter two.
  • Jenna, Rosy and Star were the only two dogs and human in Nome who treated Balto with kindness and respect before he was finally accepted by both the dogs and humans.

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