Jeanette was briefly Ted's girlfriend in How I Met Your Mother.


Jeanette and Ted met on the subway and instantly felt a cnnection. Ted tried to find her again but was warned by his friends that his behaviour bordered on stalking. When Ted finally met Jeanette, it became clear that she was stalking him. Despite being a little disturbed by this, Ted was so tired of being single he decided to go out with her anyway.

Jeanette and Ted move in together and despite Jeanette's behaviour becoming increasingly bizarre, Ted refuses to acknowledge that she's not good for him. Eventually Ted does break up with Jeanette after she sets most of his things on fire. This relationship is so bad it compels Ted to give up on dating and actually try to find a real soulmate.

In the days leading up to Barney and Robin's wedding, Ted finds out that Jeanette stole the locket that Ted was going to give to Robin. He meets up with her and tells Jeanette that he needs to give the locket to Robin to let her know just how much she means to him. Jeanette throws the locket into a river and tries to get back with Ted, who is too speechless to properly reject her.


  • All of Ted's steady relationships have gotten progressively worse over the years. Jeanette being rock-bottom. TV Guide actually considered Jeanette to be Ted's worst girlfriend.
  • Future Ted later reveals that Jeanette got with Robin's ex-boyfriend/therapist Kevin, presumably in the exact same way Robin got with him.

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