Janet is a toddler which Stewie Griffin had a crush on her at Hugs and Kisses Daycare in Dammit Janet!.

She seemed to be oblivious to Stewie's admiration and continuously asks for cookies.

In the end, Stewie realizes that all she wants is his and anyone else's cookies and does not return his love. She has green eyes and the voiced by Tara Strong.

She used to be the love interest of Stewie Griffin, but Stewie broke up with her at the end when he realize that all she care about cookies while she still sits down on her mat after being sad get yelled at and pointed at after Stewie refuses giving his cookie to her then walks away and leaves her alone. It is Unknown when Janet's Parents removes her from the daycare and gets transferred to different daycare at the end of the episode or She will never mention or seen again on any episodes of Family Guy.

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