Love Interest
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Full Name

Jamie Martin




That's My Boy


Todd's girlfriend (betrayed)


Beauty, immense lust, charm, sycophantism, wealth, lying


Being naked in bed with her brother Chad kissing him


Hard to determine = presumably her goal is to marry Todd, steal his wealth, then humiliate him by revealing her brother Chad is her boyfriend and then run off with him

Type of Love Interest

Villainous Love Interest

Jamie Martin was the Love Interest of Todd Peterson in the critically-panned movie That's My Boy. She's played by Leighton Meester.


Jamie apparently met Todd four hundred and fifty days ago (on a leap year) and Todd was taken by how rich she was. Todd had fallen out with his obnoxious father, Donny, and had family problems. Jamie excelled in extravagant things such as a billion dollar wedding dress and telling everyone her brother Chad was a Marine, proven untrue.

However, Todd's family problems pale in comparison to Jamie when she is discovered to be secretly in a sexual relationship with her brother Chad, and her proposal to Todd was just a front. Donny breaks into Jamie's hotel room one night and discovers her naked in bed making out with her brother. Donny is disgusted and says incest is worse than adultery. Jamie cowers up to Chad for protection and she narrowly misses a mental breakdown.

Chad tries to protect his naked sister and she says incest is just trendy. Jamie tries to bribe Donny with loads of money so he can shut up about what he saw. But when the wedding happens, Donny gatecrashes and says the truth to Todd, who is outraged, and tells the whole crowd. The crowd is shocked, and Jamie goes nuts and breaks down crying. However, in the middle of the chaos, Jamie picks up a knife, running screaming at Todd, who knocks her out. Then Chad screams and runs to start a fight but he is knocked out by Todd and the priest. Todd and Donny then resume their father-son relationship.


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