Jacqueline Bouvier is Marge Simpson's mother and a love interest for Abraham Simpson.


Jacqueline is a widow who only appears during major family reunions. She has respiratory problems - no doubt from smoking - and only talks when she feels the need to insult someone. She's very old fashioned in her sense of romance, willing to go with whomever courts her, regardless of whether or not she likes them. Deep down, she'd rather be a widow than someone's trophy wife.


Abraham Simpson


Jacqueline and Abe

Abraham and Jacqueline got along fairly well at Maggie's birthday party. Marge noticed this and decided to set them up. Homer was against the idea as he incorrectly believed that would make him and Marge brother and sister and their children would become deformed mutants.

Abe fell in love with Jacqueline, though its still unknown how she feels about him. When Abe is about to kiss her, Mr. Burns appears and takes her away. Abe falls into a depression. On the day of Jacqueline and Burns' wedding, Abe interrupts it and runs away with Jacqueline, knowing full well she didn't like him but didn't like Burns either, seeing it as a victory nonetheless.

Mr. Burns


Jacqueline and Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns dazzled Jacqueline with his charm, wealth and dancing moves. Smithers was obviously jealous, whilst Marge and Homer were disgusted. Mr. Burns was apparently also a good kisser. On the day of the wedding, Jacqueline sees Burns abusing Bart and expresses her doubts about marrying him. When Abe appears out of nowhere and spontaneously proposes to her, she admits she doesn't want to even get married and leaves Burns.


  • Jacqueline is only ever referred to as Mrs. Bouvier by Abe. The fact that neither man ever used her first name might have contributed to her flippant nature.

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