Jack Wyatt is a young actor, who's carrer has nearly gone down the drain. He's got one shot to redeem himself in the remake series of the classic television series "Bewitched" as Darrin Stephens.

After auditioning many women, she sumbles upon Isabel Bigelow, who's got the right "look". Little does Jack know that Isabel is actually a witch.

He's the love interest of Isabel in Bewitched.

His life=

After meeting Isabel, he falls in love with her. She seems to have a interest in him also. After having a conversation wtih his manager about manipulating Isabel into appearing in the show without having any lines, she becomes enraged when she overhears it.

With the help of her Aunt Clara, Isabel casts a hex on him to make him fall in love with her, which works. Eventually, Jack asks Isabel out on a date, which she reluctantly accepts, but makes her forget all about the hex. After their night together, she returns home and remembers the spell. Feeling regret, she uses magic to reverse time to the point where Aunt Clara cast the hex. Without the effects of the hex, Jack still falls for her, as does Isabel.


Jack is a very confident, yet goofy young actor, just trying to hold on to his carrer while he's got it, which is hanging by a thread as it is. Underneath Jack's larger-than-usual ego, he's very soft, warm and caring.

At times, Jack can act pig-ish and manipulative, which caused Isabel to cast a hex on him to make him fall in love with her. Isabel reverses the hex after feeling guilty, but Jack still falls for her.

Jack is frightened when Isabel reveales to him that she's a witch, but accepts it and loves her for who she is. Evenutally, the two get married and move to a neighborhood, much like the neighborhood from the "Bewitched" series.


  • He was portrayed by Will Ferrell.
  • He is a mimick of Darrin Stephens.
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