Jack The Lamplighter is the love interest of Jane Banks in the Disney movie Mary Poppins Returns, he is portrayed By Lin-Manuel Miranda who also Portrayed Usnavi in the Broadway show In the Height and portrayed Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton


He's first seen singing at the beginning of the movie as he turn off the light when the morning arrive, he of course rescue Georgie after he see that he was about to fly with the kite, that's where he meet Mary Poppins and reveal to her that he was Bert apprentice when he was a teen, he of course fall in love with Jane Banks , but he never told her his feeling fearing that she just see him as a friend.

He of course go on a adventure with Mary Poppins and Michael's kids and sing with Mary Poppins in some song like Bert with the chimney sweeper he also as his own crew of Lamplighter and group song, as the movie go we see that at the end of the movie that him and Jane does have feeling for each other, same if she did denied it at first, but at the end the viwers see them hold hands and singing togheter before the movie, and at almost credit after Michael and Jane feel that Mary Poppins is leaving, he said that he will never forget his adventure with Mary Poppins and sing a reprise of his solo song.


  • He was a apprentice of Bert when he was a teen.
  • He as a solo song at the beginning of the movie and the reprise of it at the end.
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