Ilsa is the team member and love interest of Jackson in the comedy series Danger 5.


Ilsa represents Russia on the team. She has a very decadent personality, frequently smoking, drinking and sleeping around. She only ever speaks in Russian.



Jackson tries to get Ilsa's attention repeatedly. He's always let down in the end as while Ilsa has no reservations about sex, she has no interest in love. Despite this Ilsa does throw him a bone every now and then, such as when they went skinny-dipping together. By the end of the first series Jackson still hasn't made any progress with Ilsa.

In the second series Jackson fought in North Korea to forget about Ilsa. This doesn't help him as he's now traumatised on top of being heartbroken, plus he's questioning his sexuality. Jackson finally gives up on Ilsa when she tells her ex-husband that he's just a friend, though when he travels through time he finds out that past Ilsa likes him now that he's aged and broken, but Jackson wants her to get with his past self.

By the end of the series Jackson has put Ilsa behind him and is now exploring his bisexuality.


After defeating the Third Reich Ilsa married Krushchev. Their marriage is a loveless one and Krushchev is ready to trade in Ilsa for a younger woman.

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