Horton The Elephant is the love interest of Gertrude McFuzz in Seussical, she loves Horton since they lived next to each other since they we're kids, but he didn't notice her, which she thinks is due to the fact she only has one feather. She tried to make him notice her by taking pills to grow spectacular feathers and although she did get spectacular feathers, he did not notice her.

When he was walking in the jungle the Wickershams took the dust speck and gave it to Vlad. Horton tried to save the Whos, but the eagle dropped them. When he tried to look for the clover, Gertrude tried to make him notice her, but he was busy looking for the Whos so he didn't notice her tail. Then when Mayzie told him to give her a favor by keep the egg for her, Horton got kidnapped by hunters while in the tree and he was sold to a circus as an attraction.

During the night, Gertrude finally finds him, and she tells him her story and tells him that she found his clover, making Horton notice her,but the happiness is soon ruined by the Sour Kangaroo and the Wickershams who put him on trial. Horton tries to defend his case, but failed at first. Then Jojo screamed a new word so all animals heard, proving Horton was telling the truth. After the egg finally hatches, revealing an Elephant bird. Horton doesn't know how to take care of it, since he does not know how to fly, but Gertrude convinces him that she will help him, and both of them share a kiss or hold hands in the finale.

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