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Honey Rider coming from the sea

Honey Ryder is the love interest of James Bond, in the first James Bond movie, Dr. No. She is considered to be the first ever "Bond girl", although it is debatable whether or not this is true. She is played by Ursula Andress.

Honey first appears, halfway through the movie, coming to a deserted island from the sea, singing "Under the Mango Tree" with her white bikini, and two shells (this is considered an iconic Bond moment). Bond finds her, and finds her to be beautiful right away. Honey, however, does not trust Bond right away, but when she realizes that they are both looking for Dr. No, she decides to accompany him on their search to find him. Honey grows to trust him on their journey.

At the end, after Dr. No is killed, the two ride off in a boat together, and kiss as the movie ends.

Honey does not appear in any other Bond media.

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