Helena is a character from the Shakespeare play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. She is the love interest of Demetrious, and briefly the love interest of Lysander.

This play, is the classic story of everyone is in-love with the wrong person. Helena originally loves Demetrious, but he does not return the feelings. He is betrothed to Hermia, and has no interest for anyone else. Helena does not give up. She follows Demetrious into the forest, and meets Hermia and Lysander there. A fairy decides to make everything right, by putting love juice on Demetrious's eye, and make him fall in love with Helena. However, the fairy accidentally puts the love juice on Demetrious and Lysander, making them both fall madly in-love with her. The two of them fight for Helena's love, and eventually, the four lovers are all fighting, trying to kill each other.

At the end, the fairy removes the love juice from Lysander, so only Demetrious loves Helena. When Demetrious and Helena return to civilization, they are in-love, and have a big wedding in honor of their marriage.

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