Often though, the heroes will find themselves gazing deeply into each other's eyes, one indication of their UST. This can often precede an Almost Kiss, as this is usually what is happening before that.

If this is an extremely intense gaze into the other's eyes, this might be an indication that a big damn kiss is on the horizon. It can also be a platonic look between two friends.

There are 3 versions of this held gaze, depending on the atmosphere of the story:

If it is a romance, this will appear at least once, accompanied by some passion on one (or both) of the partners in the gaze, hence it fits into the passionate look variant of the trope.

If the two of them are rivals or enemies, however, this becomes a classic staredown, with both characters trying their level best to out-intimidate the other

The final version of this trope is where the souls gaze into the other person's soul, all at once having a deeper experience than the other two versions mentioned above can have.


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