Hayley Foster Ninja Steel
Hayley Foster is the White Ninja Steel Ranger and the girlfriend and later wife to Calvin Maxwell the Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger.

Her Story

Hayley Foster is the love interest of Calvin Maxwell. In the episode Drive to Survive , when Calvin loses all hopes of learning how to drive , Hayley encourages him by holding his cheeks and says that there's nothing he can't do. Also, in the episode, when she and the other rangers (minus Calvin) get captured by Tangleweb, Calvin was very concerned about Hayley and after he saved them, they share a hug before finishing Tangleweb.

In the Episode "Monkey Business" Calvin and Hayley were seen kissing during their school election.

In the Episode "Attack of the Galactic Ninjas" When Hayley kissed Preston, Calvin was jealous. Calvin then realizes that Hayley and Preston's kiss were only from the drama class and part of the Romeo and Juliet Show.

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