Hannah is the love interest to Jacob Palmer in the romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love. She is portrayed by Emma Stone.


Hannah is a law student at the start of the film. When Jacob sees her, he tries to pick her up, only to find that his womanizing charms don't have the same effect on her. Jacob tries distracting himself by teaching recently-divorced Cal how to score a one-night stand.

During this time, Hannah passes her bar exams and celebrates with her friends and classmates. When one of her friends offers her a place in his law firm, Hannah is disappointed as she thought he was going to propose. Distraught that the man she was attracted to all this time didn't like her that way, Hannah goes back to the bar where she first met Jacob. Predictably, Jacob is wooing another girl. Hannah drunkenly kisses him and demands that he take her back to his place. At Jacob's place, the two connect and Jacob lets Hannah stay at his place for breakfast.

When Cal meets Jacob again, Jacob tells him about his new girlfriend and in a role-reversal, asks Cal for advice on how to behave around her parents. When Cal plans a reunion with his ex-wife, he invites his whole family. To his shock, Jacob is dating his daughter Hannah. Cal immediately tells Hannah that Jacob is a sleaze and she should leave him.

Later on, Jacob meets up with Cal and tells him that spending time with both Cal and Hannah has made him realize how lonely he really is and that he just wants someone like Hannah in his life. Cal initially rebuffs his friendship, but after seeing how happy he is with Hannah, along with his own reconciliation with his ex-wife, Cal begins to warm up to him.

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