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Full Name

Haley and Allison




2 Headed Shark Attack




Beauty, immense lust, immense sexuality, bullying skills, lying, cowardice, sexy bodies, charm, seduction


Bullying other students, flirting with Kirk and each other, kissing each other, rubbing on each other's bare bodies


Get naked with Kirk and each other to kiss (both of their sexual dreams). Allison desires to get nude with Kirk, and have him protect her bare body. Haley desires to get naked with Allison and rub on her.

Type of Love Interest

LGBT Love Interest

"Is this what you had in mind, Kirk?"- Allison lustfully watches Kirk about to ejaculate onto both of them

"This is exactly what I had in mind!" - Kirk lustfully watches Allison feel up Haley and prepares to get romantic and sexual with them both

Haley and Allison are individuals from Two Headed Shark Attack. They are the love interests of Kirk. They are played by Anna Jackson and Amber English.


When on a college course at sea, they are shipwrecked by a two Headed Shark and are left to flounder. They are bought onto the island by Kirk and Professor Babish and then when they are with Kirk, they get all horny, and, not caring about the other students, they run off to skinny dip. Unfortunately, they get eaten.


Promptly, Haley and Allison are shown disrupting a lesson. When everyone else calms down and focuses on working, Haley and Allison are still being immature and raucous. When Kirk comes up to them with a picture he's been drawing when lusting after them (presumably of all three of them naked) they break into such raucous laughs that Professor Babish comes up to lecture Kirk on not pursuing "the impossible." Professor Babish escorts Kirk back to his seat and Kirk scoffs at him.

Feeling protected, Allison brags about why they need a satellite or GPS on the ship when they have cell phones. Haley and Allison are lounging around on deck and suddenly the ship is struck by a gigantic Two-Headed Shark. Haley and Allison are desperate cowards here as they are shown cowering up to Professor Babish for protection. Haley and Allison get scared when the boat is sinking, but the others see an island in the distance. Professor Babish says it's probably abandoned but they head for it.

Professor Babish and Kirk take Haley and Allison ashore, but, rather than feel grateful, Allison brags that the huts on the island are too primitive and how could they use an outhouse as a lavatory. But Professor Babish leads them to explore the island, and they find a gigantic Shark lying dead on the beach. Ethan is shocked by it but Professor Babish tells him it's just the natural cycle of life. Prompting a foreshadowing. Haley and Allison get scared of the shark and the talk of cannibals which may be on the island. But they find a well, and everything abandoned. Kirk sees Haley and Allison move off down the path and, feeling horny, goes to follow, but Professor Babish shouts about looking for scrap metal at everyone. Kirk, Haley and Allison jump because they think Professor Babish was yelling at them.

So Haley and Allison move off down the path, and Kirk jumps on them, scaring them very briefly, and protects them by putting his hands round their naked shoulders and he directs them off to the beach. Kirk brags about how he'll give them the chance of a lifetime and how they should go skinny dip. When Haley asks if Professor Babish won't notice, Allison scoffs that it's a hot idea and Kirk says Babish won't even notice. He leads them at a run down the beach.

When they get to the beach, Haley and Allison say how beautiful the island is, and Kirk strips to his shorts and encourages the girls to strip. Allison is horny now so she strips to her panties. Then Haley is nervous, but Allison and Kirk convince her to start stripping, then Allison laughs at her.

They all go into the ocean naked to make out and mess about, not bothering to look for metal to repair the ship, and Allison kisses Haley and Haley makes out with Kirk. But when the girls are kissing each other, Kirk sees the fin of the Two-Headed Shark approaching and he gets nervous. It submerges though and he soon forgets about it when Haley distracts him back into making out. All three of them are naked and kissing when the Shark sneaks up behind them, and bites Haley's naked waist, causing her to jerk about and bleed profusely, then it bites Allison,who also bleeds to death, then it drags Haley and Allison underwater and the two girls will be eaten. Kirk is left calling out his girlfriends' names, but when no sign comes other than bloody water, Kirk gets scared and runs off through the sea and then the Shark grabs his foot, dragging him under, and the savage sadly dies along with his hot babes.


No one from the ship was shown to have even missed Kirk, Haley and Allison, showing their nature as jerks who would do anything for money. They were only mentioned once when there was a roll call of Two-Headed Shark's victims with : Mike, Jeff, Laura, Ryan, Jamie and Alex. Also someone found Allison's arm, which had previously been roaming itself up Haley's naked silky shoulders, floating in the water.

However, theirs deaths will devastate the group (mostly Dana and Kristen). Haley, Allison and Kirk will be avenged when Kate, Paul and Kirsten will kill the Two-Headed Shark.


Two amazingly beautiful women with stunningly long black-brown hair, Haley and Allison were mischievous jerks to say the least. They were surprisingly bisexual - surprising in that their passion was not revealed until about twenty minutes in the film; although it was hinted they were lusting after each other, with Allison clasping Haley's naked body. Haley and Allison were very lustful, and they were also pretty sexy. Allison would rub her breasts passionately on Haley. Allison was the ringleader, and she was seemingly unafraid of anything, although her arrogance would get her doom.

Allison wore a black-and-white bikini and leather shorts, and Haley wore a pink bikini, white tank top and denim shorts.

Also, Haley and Allison lusted after all men including Professor Babish, obviously desiring a sexual student-teacher relationship with him. But when they lusted after Kirk and each other they got petrified of Babish which is shown when they flee from the group and Haley lustfully takes off her bikini.

Haley and Allison had quite a muscular physique, showing a passion for the gym. They flouted authority often and saw themselves as the only authority. Haley had gorgeous red-black hair and Allison had soft brown hair.


Haley was a cute, shy girl, though she was not above flaunting her beauty in public. Thing is, she knew she was gorgeous and would do anything to show it. She knew that while she was not boisterously sexy, she was very attractive and no doubt viewed herself as cute and eye candy. She was a bit more prudish than Allison, because she had doubts about stripping. However, when situations called for it, Haley was very passionately sexual and lustful; in fact, she was even complicit in their deaths when she lovingly took Kirk's face in her hands to distract him from observing the far-off Shark.

Allison, on the other hand, was sexual to the extreme. Whereas Haley only wore an outfit exposing her bare shoulders and legs, Allison wore a much more provocative outfit which exposed her entire body, not just her bare shoulders. Allison was hyper-sexual, so that she gave a goofy grin in her lust whenever Kirk approached. Allison was infatuated with Kirk; so deeply so that she was willing to strip for him and please him in any way she could. Unlike Haley, Allison was willing to put their lives in danger for a simple sexual session. Allison was very confident, more so than Haley, and cowering up to Kirk when she herself was pure naked did not faze her at all. She got off from bossing other people around; as is shown when, when naked, Allison bossed a nervous Haley into joining them, nude.




2 Headed shark Attack 18

the last minutes of Kirk, Haley and Allison's lustful lives. You can really blame it on Allison for lustfully distracting Kirk when he saw the Shark. Its ironic Haley looks up to Heaven lustfully when kissing because lust is a major sin and they'll be going to Hell.

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