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Gwen Stacy is the love interest of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the animated series The Spectacular Spider-Man.


She is the daughter of Police Captain, George Stacy and has been best friends with Peter since childhood and is also close friends with Harry Osborn, Eddie Brock and Mary Jane Watson. However, unknown to Peter, Gwen has secretly been in love with him ever since the 7th Grade, but is shy and nervous to express her feelings, but begins to make more efforts and attempts to express them. Throughout the series, everyone soon becomes aware of Gwen's love for Peter and eventually by the end of the first season, Gwen confesses her feelings, kissing Peter. Due to this, Peter begins to realize his true feelings for Gwen, but is caught in a love triangle between her and popular girl, Liz Allen. Peter attempts to work through his feelings and manages to fully realize he wants to be with Gwen, but after Liz confesses her feelings and kisses Peter on New Year's they become a couple, hurting Gwen. Aside from Peter, Harry Osborn has secretly harboured unrequited romantic feelings for Gwen and they become closer when Gwen learns and attempts to help Harry with his Green Goblin serum addiction.

In the second season of the series, Gwen begins dating Harry shortly after Peter begins a relationship with Liz, but both don't feel the same way towards their respective partners. Throughout the remainder of the series, their feelings grow stronger and towards the ending of the series, Gwen undergoes a makeover. In the series finale, Peter finally admits Gwen is the true person he actually loves and Gwen finally and properly confesses her own love for Peter in return. They attempt to share a kiss, but stop themselves, deciding to officially end their relationships with Harry and Liz, before they can really be together. Peter is successful in ending his relationship with Liz, but Gwen is forced to stay together with Harry since she is the only person holding him together after the "death" of his father. However, unknown to both Gwen and Peter, Harry overheard their confession and decision to end their relationships, greatly angering and hurting him and uses his father's death to convince Gwen to remain together with him.

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