Grace Lamont was Harvey Dent's fiancée.


Grace supported Harvey in his reelection campaign. She also supported his struggle against "Big Bad Harv", first sending him to Dr. Nora Crest and later by telling Bruce Wayne. She was desperate to marry Harvey, and was pleased to tears when she learned Harvey had plans to propose if he were reelected. But it did not get that far; as the returns came in, Harvey stormed off without an explanation. Later that night, Bruce brought her to the hospital. Harvey had been brutally scarred by an explosion. She was worried, and went to visit him again with a bouquet of roses. But at that time, he broke out and she saw the extent of damage the explosion had caused—physically and mentally. Horrified, she fainted at the sight.

Six months later, a saddened Grace was visited by Detective Leopold. She informed her that they were trying to get to Harvey before Thorne did, and would require her help. She agreed, and would activate a silent alarm if Harvey tried to contact her. It took a while, but he eventually did. After some hesitation, she activated the alarm.

Min and Max drove her to the Wild Deuce club. Harvey was afraid to show the bad side of his face, so he had draped a cloth over it. Grace was happy to see him, and at her request, he removed the drape so she could see his face. Rupert Thorne and his men barged in, and Grace was shocked to learn that Detective Leopold actually worked for Thorne, and she lead them straight to Harvey. Thorne threatened to hurt Grace if Two-Face did not give him a file containing incriminating evidence. With a heavy heart, Two-Face complied. Thorne ordered them both to be executed after he secured the file.

Batman broke up the fight, and Grace took on Candice. She threw her against a wall, taking her out of the fight. After that, she helped a wounded Batman get up. She tried to reason with her fiancé, who had gained the upper hand and planned to kill Thorne. He was only the flip of his coin away when Batman threw a case of silver dollars at him. Unable to find his own coin, Harvey broke down, and Grace comforted him before her fiancé was taken away.

Background Information

Grace did not appear on any other episode on the series but the did some appearances in the comics. In The Batman Adventures she appeared on the first two issues of the Batman & Robin Adventures: Two-Timer Part Iand Two-Timer Part II. She later appeared on the issue #22, Fifty Fifty.


  • Two-Face Part I
  • Two-Face Part II
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