Gobu was the love interest of Terk from Tarzan and the enemy within.

His story

Tarzan and Terk found him being attacked by hyenas and saved him. He ended up with a broken leg. Terk felt that she wasn't girly enough for him.

He managed to trick Tarzan into coming with him to his family so he could meet his leader until Tarzan finds out that Tublat is his leader. He showed up a few months ago and killed Gobu's original leader.

Tublat and Tarzan prepare to battle, but Gobu stands up to him and reminds everyone that there is strength in numbers and the gorillas gang up on Tublat, driving him off.

Gobu steps in to take place as new leader. Terk tries her lady charms, but Gobu tells her that he always liked Terk the way she is. They both end up leaving to throw mud at warthogs.

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