Gloria is the tritagonist of the Madagascar franchise, and is the love interest of Melman the Giraffe starting on the second film. She is the sole female of a quartet consisting of herself, Melman, a zebra named Marty, and the lion protagonist, Alex. She is voiced by Jada Pinkett-Smith in the entire franchise and, in a flashback in the second film, Jada's real-life daughter Willow as a calf.

The first film never said a thing about her being the love interest of Melman, as it probably wasn't yet decided.

Starting on the second film, according to a flashback, it is possible that Melman had a crush on Gloria when they were juvenile, as he got uncomfortable when she commented that Alex is cute. He always tried to admit his feelings for her, but she never noticed. In fact, she kept trying to find a boyfriend of her kind, and became Moto Moto's girlfriend, and eventually they were seen snuggled in the water.

But Melman then confess his feeling for her while she was still with Moto Moto with who she became to lose interest and annoyed by his same compliment has she realised how romantic Melman was, she was shock when Melman decide to sacrifice himself to bring back the water and when he was about to sacrifice himself she then tell him her feeling and they became a official couple has boyfriend and girlfriend.

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