Gloria Glad is one of the supporting protagonists in the Richie Rich comics and Richie Rich's love interest. As in the comics, Gloria goes on adventures with Richie. She really likes him, but does not want the expensive gifts he offers her.

Gloria is a sweet, gentle, serious, mature, and kind-hearted girl, but can be short-tempered when Richie spends too much money on her or when provoked. She does not like it when people (even Richie, although he tries not to) show off their wealth.


Richie Rich

She is best friends with Richie and they really like each other. However, she hates it when Richie offers her expensive gifts or shows off his wealth, even if unintentionally.

In a few strips, Richie ends up taking things Gloria is requesting the wrong way and ends up buying her something expensive. For example; she asks Richie to give her a ring (which means phone call) before they make plans, only for him to take it literally.

She tends to be naive sometimes, like when she sees Richie with another girl and assumes he is dating another girl, but it was actually something else. When Richie heard that she thought he has another girlfriend, he tries to explain what was really going on but she usually refuses to hear it and he usually stops at nothing to clear up the misunderstanding.

Her love rival is Mayda Munny, who happens to be obsessed with Richie, but he did not return his feelings to her because of her snobby nature. The reasons for their feelings for Richie are quite the opposite, since Gloria likes Richie as a person but not because he's rich. Mayda, on the other hand, likes him because he's super rich and did not seem to care about his feelings. Because of this, Gloria always wins Richie's heart.

Reggie Van Dough

Reggie is occasionally shown to have a crush on Gloria but she did not return her feelings to him because of his mean nature and already interested in Richie. However, his affections for Gloria wasn't as persistent as Mayda Munny's affections for Richie Rich as he has shown to have interest in other girls.


  • Her name was believed to be inspired by Gloria Vanderbilt, a famous redheaded socialite.
  • In her first appearance in the comics, she doesn't seem to mind Richie giving her tons of gifts, as evidence not acting angry at all. After that, but unseen, she somehow told Richie to stop spending so much money on gifts for her. This was revealed on her second comic appearance.

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