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Jinx is the main love interest of James Bond from the James Bond film, Die Another Day. She is also an NSA agent. She is assigned to kill a rogue North Korean agent named Zao, who is undergoing gene-replacement therapy at the Alvarez clinic on Los Organos island, Cuba. She then meets James Bond, who is also assigned to kill Zao in the hope of extracting the identity of a double agent responsible for a 14 month imprisonment in North Korea. She then introduces herself as Jinx, which is a nickname derived from her being born Friday the 13. The two exchange double entendres and the two proceed back to Bond's room at the Hotel De Los Organos. She then leaves in the morning while James Bond sleeps and crosses over to the clinic. Posing as a prospective patient and kills Dr. Alvarez. Her mission is then interrupted by Bond who has already found the North Korean first. She is then picked up by a boat. While arriving at the Ice Palace with Bond, she crosses paths with Bond. She breaks into Graves' office and finds Zao, who is sleeping in a 'dream machine'. She tries to kill him but Graves stuns her before she can get the chance. She was interrogated by Zao and is trapped with the industrial lasers. Bond eventually rescues her and Bond intervenes and stops the machine and kills Mr. Kil. She then tells Bond that she is a member of the NSA, the two team up and exchange information. She then realizes that Zao is working with Graves and Jinx heads to warn Miranda Frost, but Frost is a double agent working for Graves. Miranda locks her in Bond's suite and leaves her to die as Graves melts the Ice Palace using the satellite's heat-ray. She is rescued again by Bond, who shatters the door by using his Aston Martin V12 Vanquish and takes her to a nearby hot pool to be revived. Jinx splits up and battles Frost and Jinx kills Frost by plunging a dagger onto her chest. She and Bond manage to escape the burning and demolishing plane in a helicopter and the two make love in the end.

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