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Foxxy Cleopatra is the third love interest of Austin Powers in the third and final Austin Powers film, Austin Powers in Goldmember. She is played by Beyonce Knowles. She is first seen at a roller disco club after Austin Powers time traveled to 1975. She reveals to Austin that she is a FBI agent. Goldmember kidnaps Austin's father, Nigel and takes him to the year 2002 in Dr. Evil's time machine. Foxxy agrees to help Austin save his father, making her Austin's assistant as they enter the present in Austin's time machine car. After Austin has finally caught Dr. Evil and sends him to jail and Dr. Evil and Mini-Me escape, Austin and Foxxy head to Tokyo to confront one of Dr. Evil's henchmen, Fat Bastard who is now a sumo wrestler. Foxxy arrests him and he tells them that a Japanese business man, Mr. Roboto is working on a device for Dr. Evil and Goldmember. After Mini-Me got fired from Dr. Evil's crew. Mini-Me joins Foxxy and Austin as a miniature version of Austin Powers as the three enter Dr. Evil's submarine, but Austin is captured and Foxxy secretly takes the keys to free Austin. Austin prepares to shoot Dr. Evil, but Nigel appears and reveals that Austin and Dr. Evil are his two sons that were separated as infants after their mother was killed in a car accident. Austin and Dr. Evil reconcile along with their dad as Scott Evil becomes enraged and swears that he will get revenge on them. Goldmember then activates the tractor beam as Austin and Dr. Evil work together along with Foxxy and Mini-Me as they reverse the polarity and destroying the metorite as they saved the world and arrest Goldmember. Towards the end of the film, Austin and Foxxy were leaving the Hollywood theater as Foxxy begins to have romantic feelings for Austin and Austin begins to have romantic feelings for Foxxy as the two kiss.
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