Fox Xanatos

Fox Xanatos

Fox Xanatos (birth name Janine Renard) is one of the main recurring characters of Gargoyles. She is the former leader of the Pack and former villainous, now an ally to the Gargoyles alongside David. She is also the main love interest of David Xanatos and is the mother to Alex Xanatos.


David Xanatos

David and Fox first met each other when David secretly formed the Pack to take down the Gargoyles. While they appeared to be enemies as Fox was sent to prison after the first failed attempt of killing the Gargoyles, it's later revealed that David and Fox are in love and have been secretly working together all along. The relationship between proved so strong that David even created a plan whose soul purpose was to give Fox an early release from prison. Once Fox was released, their relationship grew stronger and they truly feel deeply in love that David proposed marriage to Fox and unknownly gave her a true magical necklace, The Eye of Oden, transforming her into a werewolf. When all first attempts fail, David eventually seeks help from Goliath and the Gargoyles and in the end once Fox is saved, it both proves and show that David does indeed truly love her, despite his attempts to not show his feelings.

Eventually, Fox and David are married and not long afterwards Fox is revealed to be pregnant with their child. Months later, Fox gives birth to their son Alexander Xanatos, but Fox and David are faced with tragety as their son is nearly taken away from them upon learning the truth about Fox's mother. They work together to prevent Alex from being taken and even work alongside the Gargoyles. Thankfully after reaching an agreement, Alex is saved and both David and Fox reform, deeply grateful for the Gargoyles help in saving their son and thus allow them to return to live at the castle and become allies.


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