Fluffles is the tritagonist from Wallace & Gromit film A Matter of Loaf and Death. She is Piella's beautiful yet slightly nervous poodle.

Her story

Withdrawn and lacking in confidence due to many years of unkind treatment, Fluffles is nonetheless a caring soul who strikes a romantic chord with Gromit so far from clips showing footage of A Matter of Loaf and Death.

Like Gromit, she does not speak. She and Gromit soon fall in love and are shown several times throughout the film, to hug, hold hands and blush around each other.

In a brief clips of footage outside, Fluffles had carved "F heart G" in a tree outside Piella's house.

Also at the end of the film where the trio are driving away into the sunset, the car swerves and Wallace exclaims "Woah! Both paws on the wheel lad, concentrate!", possibly meaning that the couple kissed.



  • It is possible that she will currently live with Wallace and Gromit since Piella was eaten and killed by the crocodiles.
  • She is Gromit's first love interest.
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