Flora is one of the main characters of the Winx Club series. She is the Guardian Fairy of Nature and one of the founding members of the Winx Club. She is also the main love interest of Helia.


Flora was born on the planet, Linphea, a world where everything is covered in nature and everyone lives in harmony. Flora has two loving parents and a younger sister named, Miele. Flora has magical powers based on nature and eventually once reaching a certain age, she went to attend the Alfea school in the Magic Dimension to help a fairy learn to control and evolve their growing powers. Flora became roommates with Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna and later Aisha. They all soon developed close friendships and upon working together they soon formed the Winx Club and together they help protect the magical dimension from evil beings. Throughout the course of the series, the girls powers grow more stronger as the series progresses and while gaining new transformations.

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Originally, Flora was the only member of the Winx Club that didn't have a love interest. However, in the beginning of the second season, Flora realizes she had grown lonely and wishes she could find someone special as she witnessed seeing her friends with the ones they love. Later, when Flora and the Winx attend the reopening of Red Fountain they meet Helia, nephew of Headmaster Saladin and a former student of Red Fountain. When looking through Helia's sketch book, Flora was greatly impressed, commenting his drawings were so life-like, greatly pleasing Helia.

Later, when Red Fountain was attacked by a Monster sent by Lord Darker, the Winx and Specialists work together to defeat it. Flora tries to distract the monster while everyone attacks it, but Flora is blinded by the creature and is almost eaten, until an unknown person somehow holds the monster back. Helia is soon revealed to be Flora's saviour and upon learning Flora is alright, Helia releases the monster and leaves. Once the battle has ended and the monster gone, Flora discovers a paper plane and learns someone has drawn a portrait of herself. Flora is greatly pleased and flattered, knowing Helia is the one who made it. Since then, both Flora and Helia have developed strong romantic feelings for each other, but are shy and nervous when trying to express them.

Flora's feelings towards Helia grow increasingly strong as the season progresses as she begins having romantic daydreams about Helia saving her and them getting married and constantly writing his name in her notebooks. Eventually, Flora comes to realize she has deeply fallen in love with Helia. However, due to her shyness and unsure if Helia feels the same way, Flora has trouble expressing her feelings. While her feelings towards Helia are obvious to everyone, Flora only confides to Aisha and Chatta about her feelings towards him. In order to help Flora to better learn about Helia's true feelings for her, Aisha sneaks over to Red Fountain and discovers a love poem Helia wrote, revealing he also harbours romantic feelings for someone. However, before Aisha learns the identity of the mystery girl, Helia reappears and she is forced to return to Alfea. Aisha later informs Flora about the poem as it obviously reveals that Helia does return Flora's feelings and she encourages her to show Helia that their feelings for one another are mutual.

Although Flora is still unable to tell him, Flora sends Helia a flower, letting him she's thinking about him and leaves it outside his bedroom window as she flies away. At one point in the season, Flora attempts to tell Helia how she truly feels about him as she writes a love letter to him. Later, when Flora is away studying in the forest, she meets Helia, surprising her and causing her drop her books and the love letter. Helia helps Flora and notices her letter, especially the flower symbol as it means Flora is in love with someone. Helia congratulates Flora, knowing whoever gets her letter is very lucky. However, Flora is again unable to tell Helia her true feelings for him and instead claims the letter is actually for her parents. Helia returns Flora's letter and leaves while Chatta quickly appears and scolds Flora for missing a perfect opportunity to tell Helia her true feelings for him. Towards the end of the season, Flora still has yet to tell Helia her true feelings for him.

Later, when the Pixies are sick after being infected by strange plants in the Resort Releam, Flora, Aisha, Sky, Brandon and Helia go to Pixie Village to make a special tea from the Flower of Life to cure them. However, the Flower of Life is revealed to be sick after it was attacked by Icy. Flora is tasked to save it, but she has no confidence in herself and she is nervous as Helia is nearby. Helia manages to encourage Flora that she can heal the Flower of Life as he knows she possess great power in her heart. Due to Helia's encouragement, Flora manages to save the Flower of Life. Once the Pixies are cured, the Specialists are getting ready to return to Red Fountain, but both Flora and Helia are nervous and thus are unable to say goodbye to each other.

Chatta encourages Flora to confess her feelings to Helia, but Flora is unsure that Helia truly feels the same since he didn't say goodbye. However, when Chatta reveals that Helia might be feeling the same, Flora gathers her courage and calls out to Helia before he departs. Helia hears Flora calling out to him and returns and Flora begins try and reveal her feelings, but is interrupted by Sky and Brandon, informing Helia to return to his ship. Flora and Helia are forced to say goodbye, but Chatta pushes Flora to confess. Flora is nervous as she is unsure if Helia really feels the same, but after Chatta assures Flora to trust her heart, Flora at long last finally confesses her love to Helia. Upon hearing Flora's confession, Helia reveals his true love to Flora and blows her a kiss and thus Flora and Helia finally become a romantic couple while Flora also gains her Charminx as she earned it by finally confessing her true romantic feelings to Helia.

Shortly afterwards when the Winx learn the truth about Professor Avalon and Bloom's kidnapping, the Winx and Specialists work together to go and rescue Bloom while stopping Lord Darkar once for and for all. When the Winx are saying goodbye to the Specialists, Flora apologizes to Helia for not revealing her true feelings sooner. However, Helia assures Flora to forget about the past and to think about their future together and Helia kisses Flora, much to both her shock and happiness. Since then, Flora and Helia have been in a strong and loving relationship, almost never having any arguments and share several love scenes throughout the series. Flora and Helia are also considered to be the voice of reason in their respective teams and always try to help with their friends relationships if they are ever in trouble such as helping Musa and Riven to reconcile in the fourth season.

However, Flora and Helia's relationship was at risked of being in severe danger in the fifth season. Krystal, the Princess of Linphea was a new student attending Alfea and it was quickly revealed she and Helia are old childhood friends. Upon their first meeting, Flora witnessed Krystal's actions, behaviour and mannerisms around Helia, appearing she harboured romantic feelings for him. Flora soon became upset, but was more hurt that Helia appeared to feel the same ways towards Krystal. During such incidents such as when Helia introduced Flora as a friend instead of his girlfriend or when he ignored Flora when Krystal appeared, Flora became more hurt and upset. Flora also became bothered whenever she witnessed Krystal and Helia spending time together as shown when Krystal healed Helia after an attack from the Trix, Flora forced herself to look away as they appeared to be sharing an intimate moment.

Eventually as time past, Krystal became a huge interference towards their relationship and Flora finally came to reveal her beliefs that Helia wanted to be with Krystal after witnessing them sharing a hug together after a volleyball game victory. However upon learning of the situation, both Bloom and Tecna assure Flora that Helia only loves her and advise her to reveal her feelings to him. Although Flora was grateful and happy of their support, she still remained worried and upset about the future of her relationship with Helia.

Unknown to Flora, both Helia and Krystal come to realize their mistakes. Helia notices Flora's hurt feelings and tries to speak to her, knowing if he doesn't it'll be too late to save their relationship. Helia tries to speak with Flora at the volleyball game, but was once again interrupted by Krystal. Soon afterwards, Helia started to devise a secret plan to reconcile with Flora. During this time, Krystal had also finally realised her mistake and interference towards their relationship, noticing Helia's hurt feelings when he discovered Flora was gone, causing her to realize the trouble in their relationship was her fault. Eventually, Krystal shared a private talk with Flora, apologizing and trying to assure her she never meant to come between her and Helia. Krystal tried to reassure Flora of Helia's love for her, but still unconvinced, Flora only replied to Krystal, wishing she could believe her as she already has serious doubts about her and Helia's relationship.

Later when Flora and the Winx were dancing in the Alfea Dance Studio, they earned special ballet shoes by opening up their hearts to either something or someone special to them. However, Flora is unable to receive her shoes, still hurt and worried about her relationship with Helia. The Winx reveal their aware of her worries and assure Flora they are always there for her and encourage Flora to gain her shoes. Filled with hope and support from her friends, Flora tries to earn her ballet shoes, but is unable to get Helia out of her mind.

Suddenly, several magical origami birds appear and it's soon revealed to be the secret plan created by Helia as he reveals himself. Helia created a special plan to reconcile with Flora, making a grand romantic gesture to prove and show Flora his true love for her. It's also revealed the rest of the Winx were aware and helped Helia. Delighted, Flora and Helia embrace each other and Helia truly declares his love for Flora, revealing she is the only person in his heart, the only one he has ever loved. Flora and Helia then proceed to share a romantic dance together and soon Flora earns her ballet shoes by dancing with her true love and the magic causes Flora, Helia and the rest of the Winx to dance leviate within the air. Flora then declares her love to Helia now and forever, thus Flora and Helia truly reconcile while renewing their love and relationship.

In the sixth season, Flora and Helia's relationship is shown to be strong and they are happily seen together, but at one point, problems appear in their relationship. Flora decides to show Helia the Alfea Greenhouse, but they are interrupted by the arrival of several students schedule to have a tour. Forgetting the tour, Flora instructs Helia to look after the Grabbing Vines plant she took back from Calvera while she handles the tour with the students. Helia tries to water the Grabbing Vines, trying his best not to scare and be gentle with them. However, the Grabbing Vines attack Helia, but are soon calmed down by Flora's arrival, having witnessed the events nearby.

Hurt and believing Flora is disappointed, Helia decides to leave the Greenhouse, despite Flora's protest and accidentally bumps into Musa along the way. Outside of Alfea, Flora feels guilty for snapping at Helia, revealing she didn't mean to make him feel disappointed. Musa assures Flora to speak with Helia, reminding Flora she is lucky to have Helia and truly be happy with him, compared to her own upsetting and strained relationship with Riven. Later, when the Winx, Specialists and Paladins arrive in Fearwood Forest, Canada, everyone begins to search for the Silver Spear. Helia is shown to still be upset with Flora about the incident at the Greenhouse and is instead taking the mission very seriously, shown when he ignored Flora and became angry with Riven for pulling a prank.

Later, when everyone is attacked by the cursed citizens turned into werewolves, Aisha creates a Morphix cage to contain them. Helia surprises and impresses everyone as he manages to defeat all the remaining werewolves single handily without any help. Flora congratulates Helia, but Helia is shown to still be upset and hurt from the events at the Greenhouse, revealing he wanted to prove himself. Flora assures Helia of his actions and apologizes as she never meant to make him feel disappointed. Flora and Helia reconcile and attempt to share a kiss until they are interrupted by the arrival of more werewolves. Helia manages to hold them back while everyone escape to Fearwood Forest. However, unknown to Helia, Icy has become impressed him and gains an idea to use Helia to her advantage.

Later upon arriving at Fearwood Forest, the Winx, Specialists and Paladins are soon completely surrounded by werewolves. Helia is ambushed by a werewolf attack and soon Icy appears and freezes him, turning him into an ice statue. Flora arrives and witnesses Helia having now become a frozen statue and demands Icy to release him. However, Icy instead kidnaps Helia, taking him into the Legendarium World. Flora quickly transforms and goes into the Legendarium World alone to rescue Helia and soon a chase ensures as Icy appears as "The Snow Queen" and rides off with Helia in a frozen carriage. Flora doesn't give up, determined to rescue Helia anyway she can. Eventually, Flora manages to save Helia and escape the Legendarium World, bringing with them the Magic Totem and freeing the citizens of the werewolves curse. However, Flora is unable to unfreeze Helia due to Icy's spell, but soon remembering a spell she used in the Legendarium World, Flora manages to unfreeze Helia and embraces him, elated he is alright.

However, much to Flora's surprise, Helia begins acting differently after unfreezing him and reveals her worries to Musa upon seeing the rising tension and anger between Helia and Riven. Eventually, the tension between Riven and Helia escalates resulting in a serious fight between the pair. Helia is soon forced to be restrained by Brandon and Timmy, leading Daphne to put Helia to sleep to calm him down. Daphne inspects Helia and discovers Icy cursed Helia's heart and further reveals, warning if the spell isn't broken the ice will spread throughout Helia's body and he will permanently remain this way forever. While Flora is deeply distraught, she promises to save Helia while being comforted by her friends.

Soon Icy reappears and begins to freeze everything around her. Filled with anger of what Icy has done to Helia, Flora begins attacking her. However, Icy quickly stops Flora by freezing her wings, causing Flora to fall somewhere in Fearwood Forest. However, Flora remains determined to save Helia and help the Winx and by using her magic and asking help from the forest around her, Flora manages to thaw her wings free. With her magic having grown incredibly strong, Flora manages to overpower Icy and stop her for good. Upon defeating Icy, the spell on Helia's heart is broken and Flora and Helia are happily reunited. Helia apologizes to Flora for his behaviour, but elated and relieved Helia is alright Flora assures him of the situation. Helia thanks Flora for not giving up on him, but their imitate moment is soon interrupted by the appearence of Eldora. Later, once completing their mission of finally gaining the Legendarium Key, the Winx, Specialists and Paladins enjoy a day of skiing while Flora and Helia are happy in each other's company, showing their relationship fully and truly restored.

In the seventh season, Flora and Helia's relationship continues to remain strong, but they are both shown to have different opinions on how to handle Flora's Fairy Animal, Amarok. Flora is shown to be rather hard on Amarok most of the time due to his excitable behaviour causing trouble while Helia is more understanding, knowing Amarok never means any harm and cheers up him whenever Flora scolds him. Due to this it causes them to be on somewhat opposites sides and causes friction between the pair, but doesn't heavily affect their relationship. Eventually after taking Helia's advice to put more trust in Amarok, Flora comes to fully trust and rely on Amarok after he manages to prove himself and thus she no longer need to worry about him.




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  • The Winx Club song Crazy in Love With You focuses on Flora and Helia's relationship.
  • Flora was the first Winx Club member to not have a love interest in the beginning of the series, the second being Aisha and the third being Roxy.
  • Flora manages to gain her Charmix by confessing her love to Helia in the second season.
  • In the fifth season when all the couples were facing problems in their relationships, Flora and Helia were the last couple to reconcile at the end of the season.

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