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Finn is the love interest of Rose Tico in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and during The Rise of Skywalker, Jannah and Finn become romantically interested in each other.[1][2]

He's also the best friend of Poe Dameron, with whom he also has a relationship that can be interpreted as having romantic tension.

Finn is played by John Boyega.

Love Interests

Rose Tico

"I saved you... dummy. That's how we are gonna win... not fighting what we hate, saving what we love."

- Rose confesses her feelings to Finn

In The Last Jedi, Finn tries to leave the Resistance ship to warn Rey about how the situation got worse, in favor to the First Order. He thinks that the Resistance fleet is doomed and so is them if they choose to stay. So, he decides to escape and taking the transmitter bracelet away, and with that avoiding that Rey find her way back to the Resistance ship. Rose meets Finn in the escape pod bay and tells him she admires him for leaving the First Order and for his bravery in Starkiller Base. She enthusiastically tells him that her and her late sister, Paige, considered those acts one of a true hero. However, when she realizes he is trying to escape from the Resistance in a escape pod, she stunnes him to stop him from running. She is initially frustrated with him since her sister recently sacrificed her life in the conflict against the First Order.

Finn and Rose start to grow closer when they go together to a casino at Canto Bight during a mission to find the Master Codebreaker. Rose tells Finn that she came from a poor mining colony and that the First Order arrived and took everything from her family. She also points out to him how the animals and children are abused at Canto Bight and how the people in the city are gaining money from selling weapons to the First Order, showing him that despite appearing to be a beautiful city in the surface, Canto Bight holds a terrible truth in which the richest people of the galaxy profit at the expense of others. Learning about Rose's perspective on the war influences Finn to reflect about his own place in the conflict.

During their adventure, Rose shows signs of having developed feelings for Finn, which are more explict in the novelization version.[3] Finn also becomes protective over her. When DJ asks Rose to give him Paige's haysian ore medallion in exchange for his help, Finn goes after DJ and demands him to return the medallion, as he knows that it is Rose's memento of her late sister and it means a lot to her. It's because of Rose that Finn decides to stop running and finally declares himself as part of the "rebel scum" to Captain Phasma.

Rose kisses Finn after saving his life.

At the Battle of Crait, when Finn decides to sacrifice himself by flying his speeder into the First Order's battering ram cannon, Rose crashes her speeder into his, stopping him. When he asks her the reason why she did it, Rose replies that the way to win is "not fighting what we hate, saving what we love", which is her way to confess her feelings for him. Then, to make sure he understands the meaning of her words, she kisses him on the lips before falling unconscious from her wounds. Finn carries her out of the battlefield and later he is seen with a still unconscious Rose in the Falcon placing a blanket on her, showing that he cares about her.

"So the two of you aren't..."

"No, nothing like that. Just friends."

"And Rose?"

"Oh. We talked about it, and Crait was... a moment. But that's it. Friends there, too. [...] But never mind all that. I know you didn't come to talk about my love life, or lack of one."

- Poe asks Finn about his relationship with Rey and Rose

In the novel Resistance Reborn, set between the episodes VIII and IX, Poe asks Finn if there is any romantic involvement between him and Rey (one of Finn's best friends) or Rose. Finn replies that both Rey and Rose are just his friends. Finn explains to Poe that he had a moment with Rose on Crait, but they talked afterwards and decided to remain as friends.[4][5][6][7]

In The Rise of Skywalker, Finn invites Rose to accompany the group in the mission to search for the Sith wayfinder, but she is assigned other tasks by General Organa, so she declines. During the Battle of Exegol, when Finn and Jannah stay behind to disable the transmitter of the flagship of the enemy fleet (the Steadfast), Rose doesn't want to leave Finn behind. She only leaves after being persuated by other Resistance members.


In The Rise of Skywalker, Finn meets Jannah and is surprised to know that she was also a stormtrooper that defected from the First Order, because before meeting her he was unaware that there were others like him.

Finn also tells Jannah about the Force, and she seems very interested about it, asking him if the Force is really real. Finn replies that the Force is what guided him to his friends. Jannah is the only one he manages to talk about the Force after failing to tell to his friends about his newfound Force abilities. The two of them soon become close because of their shared past.

When Finn goes to the ruins of the second Death Star while looking for Rey, Jannah goes with him. She shows concern and stops him from following Kylo Ren and Rey after they found the duo dueling atop of the ruins. In the end of the film, Finn and Jannah lead together the assault during the Battle of Exegol. When Finn decides to stay behind to disable the transmitter of the Steadfast, Jannah decides to risk her own life by staying to help him. After they succeeded on their mission, they are rescued by Lando and Chewbacca. During these events, Finn and Jannah become romantically interested in each other.[2][1]


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Possible Love Interest

Poe Dameron

Poe is Finn's best and first friend. In the sequel trilogy movies, they have a lot of chemistry together and many fans interpret several of their scenes as having romantic and sexual undertones. Although fans speculate about the romantic interest that Finn and Poe might have for each other and the implied romance of their relationship, it is not confirmed by the canon material released, only by the statements of the casting members, the director J.J. Abrams and especially Poe's actor (Oscar Isaac) who states that he played his character with the intention of having a romantic development with Finn, but the relationship was never developed further.[8][9][10][11][12][13]

In The Force Awakens Finn helps Poe to escape the First Order as the first act of defection in the beginning of the movie. Then, Poe is the one that names him "Finn" after not liking the name the First Order had given him. When their ship crashes in the Jakku desert, Finn keeps his jacket thinking Poe died in the crash. Later, when the First Order attacks Maz's castle on Takodana, Poe and the Resistance arrive to help defend the castle and Finn watches Poe's ship flying and screams "That's a hell of a pilot" without knowing that it is in fact Poe piloting it. They finally reunite again after the battle, and run to embrace as soon as they see each other from a far. They are both happy and relieved that they both survived the crash. Finn tries to return Poe's jacket, but Poe tells him that he can keep it because it suits him.

In The Last Jedi, Poe is the first one that Finn sees after waking up from the injury he received from Kylo Ren. Poe tries to reassure him and make sure that he is fine. During the Battle of Crait, when Finn decides to approach the First Order's cannon, Poe orders vehemently him to retreat, but Finn refuses.

In the novel Resistance Reborn, set between the episodes VIII and IX, Poe becomes curious about Finn's love life and asks him if there is any romantic involvement between him and Rey or Rose, which Finn denies by stating that both Rey and Rose are just his friends.[4][5][6][7]

In The Rise of Skywalker, when Finn is interrupted while trying to tell Rey something, Poe gets very curious. He keeps asking Finn what he was going to tell Rey several times. Some viewers interpret this as Poe being jealous. Later, they both support each other while attacking stormtroopers on the corridor of the First Order's ship they infiltrated to rescue Chewie. When Poe gets shoot in the crossfire, Finn immediately stops to check if he is fine, which leads to them both being captured. Then, they are about to be executed by Hux and the stormtroppers, and Poe chooses this moment to ask again what Finn wanted to tell Rey. The scene plays it as a joke in this tense moment, but Poe seems very hurt that Finn is hiding something from him. Afterwards, in the end of the movie, the two of them reunite after the final battle, and they embrace each other again, before Rey arrives and joins them. At some point during these events, Poe figured out that Finn was trying to tell about his newfound Force powers, because when Finn tries to tell him and Rey at the end of the novelization, both Poe and Rey reply that they already know.[14]


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  • Although Rose is one of Finn's canonical love interests, in The Rise of Skywalker film her screen time was severely reduced and their relationship underdeveloped. Fans were disappointed that the movie didn't give their relationship any resolution and that Rose was almost absent from the movie. The rumor is that she was cut from the movie as a response to the blacklash involving her character, which is also a disappointing choice from the movie creators since that led to Rose's actress being harassed online to the point she left all her social media.
  • Jannah and Finn having a romantic interest in each other was confirmed by John Boyega on his twitter and by Naomi Ackie (Jannah's actress) in an interview after The Rise of Skywalker.[1][2]
  • Poe's actor always hinted a romantic tension between his character and Finn. In interviews for the The Rise of Skywalker, he states that he always found their relationship interesting and that he played with the intention of being romantic, but that Disney was unfortunately still not ready to show this kind of representation on screen.[10][9][8][11][12]
    • During an interview, the director J.J. Abrams also stated that he was not surprised but actually heartened that the fans were identifying Finn and Poe's relationship as romantic. According to J.J., their relationship is very unique, in which they are willing to be intimate with each other despite their insecurities, going even deeper than a romantic one.[8]
  • Finn's chemistry with Rey also made fans speculate that she would be his love interest. During the sequel trilogy, but mostly in the first movie, there are a few moments that some fans interpret as him having small crush on her, but it could also be him just being a very good and close friend.
    • Despite this, cast members (especially Finn's actor) denied a few times about Rey and Finn's relationship being romantic, stating that they are just friends or like brother and sister.[15][16][17][18] However, this still didn't stop the fans to speculate about the ambiguity of their scenes and how Finn might have a crush on her.
    • In the novel Resistance Reborn, Finn himself also denies it. When Poe asks him if there is any romance between him and Rey or Rose, Finn replies that both girls are just his friends.[4][5][6][7]
    • The Rise of Skywalker sparked the discussion again with Finn's interrupted dialogue to Rey. Finn tries to tell her something while sinking in quicksand on Pasaana, but is interrupted. Some fans believe that he wanted to confess his feelings for her, but the movie never reveals what he was trying to say. According to the cast members, including Finn's actor and the movie director J.J. Abrams, Finn wanted to tell Rey that he is Force-sensitive.[19][17] Even though the cast members stated that Finn was not going to make a love confession, the movie seems to​​​​ acknowledge FinnRey's shippers while poking fun of all the speculation for turning his supposed confession into a joke and also for not giving shippers what they wanted. Furthermore, whether or not Finn has had a crush on Rey, now seems to be something in the past, since he ends up interested in Jannah during the final movie.
  • Finn is the Star Wars sequel trilogy character included in the largest number of ships by fans because of the speculation around his possible love interests besides his canonical ones (Rose and Jannah).
  • Answering a fan question after The Rise of Skywalker release, the director J.J. Abrams claims that he intentionally left some relationships as FinnRey, FinnPoe and Reylo ambiguous in The Force Awakens film for the director of the sequel choose how he would explore each one of them. This ambiguity is what led to the beginning of the speculations and fan support of ships involving Finn's character.[20]


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