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Ferio being held by Fuu

Ferio is the love interest of Fuu Hououji in Magic Knight Rayearth.  He is also Princess Emeraude's younger brother, but had his memories of her erased when she became the Pillar of Cephiro, which meant Emeraude had to pray for Cephiro's prosperity and peace without end.

Ferio is also a skilled swordsman, though not as skilled as Lafarga or Lantis.  Though he appears to be a teenager, he may be much older as the people of Cephiro are able to use their strong will to make themselves look younger than they already are, so Ferio could be centuries old.

At the end of the anime, before Fuu leaves Cephiro after Hkaru creates a land that didn't need a Pillar, Ferio says he would never forget her.  However, at the end of the manga, it's stated that the Magic Knights can go back to Cephiro anytime they want, allowing Fuu and Ferio to continue their relationship.

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