Francine "Fanny" Cottontail was the original love interest for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, appearing in his earliest cartoon up to All Wet, which was her last appearance (with the exception of Monsters University) In her earliest appearances she was a very conservative and innocent rabbit, very closely resembling the character designs of Ortensia and later Minnie Mouse.

Toward the end of her run in her Oswald cartoons, she became progressively more sultry and flirtatious, culminating in her last appearance in All Wet, where she ended up bordering on femme fatale.

Like Sadie/Ortensia, her name was never clarified to the public in the shorts, only seen on official copyright documents and the book: Walt in Wonderland: The Silent Films of Walt Disney.

Originally, Fanny was supposed to be in Epic Mickey replacing Ortensia, but she was changed for unknown reasons. Although it might have been the fact that Ortensia was Oswald's latest love interest.

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