Fanfan was the love interest of Master Roshi from Dragon Ball. She is an anime-only character that only appears in the episode, "The Time Room" and she didn't appear in the manga. She is first seen taking a bath as Master Roshi as a teenager peeks at her. Son Goku traveled to the past by using the time room that Mr. Popo lets him go in as his training and recognizes his teacher as a teenager. Son Goku retrieved a scarf that Fanfan had lost and returns it to her. Roshi discovers that he is befriending her. Shen, Roshi's arch-enemy became jealous as he intercepted Fanfan while Fanfan was carrying laundry as Fanfan ward off his advances and Shen punches her and knocks her out cold. Roshi and Son Goku try to rescue her, but Shen kicks her and tells him to bring his "pet" and meet him at Dead Field. Roshi and Son Goku head to Dead Field as they confront Shen. Shen attacks Son Goku and Son Goku was stronger like Roshi. Shen discovers that Fanfan is unconscious and tied to a tree with one of his fellow students holding a knige over her and threaten to have Fanfan killed if Son Goku makes a move. Son Goku attacks Shen and Shen throws a burning torch down to the ground to trap his rival and Son Goku in a circle of flames, but Goku manages to open a path in the flames so that he and Roshi can escape. Fanfan wakes up and kicks Shen's minions. Fanfan smilied and revealed that she had not been unconscious the entire time. Roshi's teacher, Mutaito punishes Shen and Fanfan says that she will support Roshi in becoming a great martial artist as Goku says goodbye to Roshi and Fanfan and returns to the present. Her fate after this is unknown.

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