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Estella is a love interest to Pip in the South Park version of Great Expectations.


Estella comes from an upper-class background. She is the daughter of Miss Havisham, a wealthy but miserly old woman obsessed with regaining her youth. She plans to do this by having Estella break te hearts of as many men as possible and use their tears to transfer her mind into Estella's body.

Estella is spoilt and rude. Despite this she gets a lot of attention from males because of her beauty. She also shows signs of sociopathy by killing a series of baby bunnies without batting an eyelid until finally she stops solely because she lost interest.



Estella and Pip

Pip was hired to be Estella's playmate. Despite her nasty attitude he finds himself enamoured with her. Pip goes to London to learn how to be a proper gentleman and earn Estella's favour. Estella and Pip briefly date, but Estella moves onto her next suitor without telling Pip, breaking his heart.

When Pip and his motley gang decide to storm Miss Havisham's estate, Pip tries to reason with Estella, but she is clearly beyond redemption. Nevertheless, Estella decides she doesn't want to be her mother's host body and leaves her to die. She then starts a relationship with Pip.


Estella's previous lovers

Even though Estella is only a child, she has amassed a collection of ex-boyfriends of of varying ages. Her most recent one was 17 and had a car, while a few others appeared in their 20s to 30s. All of them were very much in love with Estella, as they wept openly.

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