Queen Erika is one of the main protagonist in the movie Barbie:The Princess and The pauper who became King Dominick’s main love interest and wife.

She working for a secondary villain Madame Carp, who force to pay her debt by working or by singing in the street she take her money without remorse, tired of be mistreated she dream of freedom, she meet Princess Anneliese who promised to help her. But when the princess is kidnapped, Julian take her to the castle and make her really look like the princess, she had to act until the real princess is saved.

But when she was her role she see King Dominick and fall in love with him, he also fall in love with her believing that she's the princess he going to marry, but when he offer her his ring, Preminger then revealed the trick and she was revealed to be a pauper girl, she was arrested she tried to explain , but Dominick is heartbroken and left when she's in jail a knight came to throw her away.

She doesn't realized at first that was King Dominick who came to save her to take her  to his kingdom, when she realized who it was she discover that he also like to disguise himself, so later after the villains are arrested and Madame Carp fired he offer her his engagement ring, she wasn't sure at first, but she decide to finally agreed to marry him, and they had a double wedding in Princess Anneliese castle.

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