Emma was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant as a member of The Sisters with Kitty. She is also the love interest of Noah.



From the moment Noah first laid eyes on Emma, he instantly develops an infatuation with her. Having spent most of his life being cold, unsociable, and sarcastic, this experience is new to him, and he has difficulty trying to impress Emma. At first, Emma's oblivious to Noah's attraction, but after conversing with him and seeing their similarities, she also starts to develop feelings. However, she remains opposed due to wanting to focus on the competition, and she constantly has her sister Kitty urging her to stay focused. Eventually, Noah saves her from falling, which finally lets Emma see Noah in a new light. Afterwards, they agree to ally after Kitty and Owen secretly organized to get them together. Although the two become closer, Emma realizes that having a relationship with Noah will distract her from winning the Race, and she promptly ends things with him. This sudden news of rejection puts Noah into a state of shock and depression until Emma reconsiders their relationship only when she wins. When the Reality TV Pros get eliminated, Emma bids Noah goodbye and kisses him for the first time. With Noah's departure, Emma would go off into "Noah-dazes" during the Race, to the point of Kitty having to slap her so she remains focused. Once the Sisters are also eliminated, Emma is reunited with Noah in the finale and watch the outcome of the Race together while gazing at each other dreamily in the final group shot.

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