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Elke Elkberg is Carl's pen pal and love interest from Sweden in "Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius."

Her story

She lives on a farm, and she came to America to buy llama feed. Carl lied to her that he was a boy genius, Jimmy was his "dim-witted assistant", and that he changed Sheen from a monkey to a human to sound more likeable.

But Elke told Carl that she was a professional tennis player and a supermodel. She also said that she'd lied about her success near the end of the episode and Carl admitted that he had, too.

At first, Elke didn't believe Carl because she thought that he was lying to impress her until they both pulled out their Llama Love Society membership cards. Elke was so impressed, she kissed Carl so many times. Then the couple ran off, holding hands. She's voiced by actress and singer, Grey DeLisle.


Elke is a Swedish character who was Carl's love interest who appeared in the episode Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius. She was also Carl's pen pal.


  • Elke is the second member of the Llama Love Society.
  • She is only seen in this episode.
  • She is one of Carl's two love interests. The other being Judy.
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