Elie is the love interest of Haru Glory in the anime/manga series, Rave Master.

Elie is an energetic and bubbly girl with amnesia. Her first meeting with Haru differs between manga and anime versions. In the manga, he is hidden by Elie at a dog racing track causing him to see up her skirt. In the anime, he peeks underneath Elie's skirt at the casino while looking for Plue. The scene in the anime occurs before the racetrack. Afterwards, Haru promises Elie that he'll help her find her memories.

She uses tonfa-blasters as her weapon of choice. She has a hot temper and an undying love for casinos and always drags the group to the casino when there is one. She bears a marked resemblance to Resha Valentine, a girl with the power of Etherion, who supposedly gave her life to create the Rave.

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