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Eli was the love interest of Meg Griffin in the Family Guy episode, Amish Guy.

Eli is a Amish Boy who meets Meg after the Griffin's car breaks down in Eli's community. Meg and Eli instantly fall in love but Eli's father Ezekiel didn't want her dating his son as she was an outsider who would "corrupt" his son. Peter tries to talk to Ezekiel for Meg (One of the few times in the revival where he does something nice for Meg). Peter almost succeeds but screws up when he tries to introduce the Amish to rock music.

Things get even worse when Ezekiel finds the IPod Meg gave Eli and they attach horses to the Griffins' car and send them away. Eli stows away to stay with Meg. When Ezekiel learns about Eli's disappearance, the Griffins' end up in a feud with the Amish with Ezekiel doing all of Peter's chores to take away the pleasure Peter would have had. It somehow actually succeeds in angering Peter and he and Quagmire and Joe head to the Amish community with heavy firearms only to be beaten back. Peter destroys a barn the Amish hide in which is repaired very fast so Peter demands that Ezekiel come out and face him. Ezekiel complies and the two almost brawl when Meg and Eli hold their fathers back. Eli tells his father that by trying to protect him from the outsiders, it was Ezekiel, not Eli who was corrupted. Ezekiel realizes his son is right and apologizes.

Eli decides he has to stay in the Amish community and bids farewell to Meg.

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