Elena Gilbert is the main female protagonist of the supernatural romance drama series, The Vampire Diaries. She is best friends with Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes and is the older adoptive sister of Jeremy Gilbert. She is also the main love interest of Damon Salvatore and the former love interest of Stefan Salvatore.


Elena is kind, caring, selfless, strong, responsible, independent, determined, courageous, self-righteous, compassionate, sympathetic, considerate, hopeful and forgiving.

Elena is one of the strongest characters throughout the entire series as she has gone through an incredible amount of tragedies within her life, beginning when she suffered her first major loss when her adoptive parents, Miranda and Grayson Gilbert died. Although Elena endured a major depression in wake of her parents death and her traumatic experience, Elena makes the effort to try and continue to live and renew her life after the events. Elena continues to grow into a strong person, ready to face any new danger threatening her family, friends or loved ones and eventually learns to defend herself, especially after becoming a vampire. However, Elena still feels the sadness and loss of losing someone important to her as she continues to suffer more personal losses when she loses more of her family members such as Jenna, John, Isobel and even Jeremy, causing her to suffer a complete break down into tears.

While Elena is displayed as a damsel in distress, having to be rescued by Stefan or Damon, Elena gradually learns to fend for herself, having Alaric teach her and later becomes stronger, gaining Vampire powers to better protect herself.

Elena is loyal and selfless friend, willing to anything to ensure her friends safety and not even consider her own and is willing to sacrifice her own life. Elena's willingness to sacrifice her life to protect her friends is strongly displayed throughout the entire series, especially in the second season to protect Caroline, Tyler and Bonnie from becoming part of a sacrifice by Klaus Mikaelson. Elena also displays a supportive side to herself, staying by Stefan's side and comforting him when she first learned of his bloodlust problem. Elena is also sympathetic with those who have suffered a great loss, similar when she lost her parents as she comforted April Young when her father Pastor Young was killed in the Gas leak explosion.

However, Elena can also be judgemental and disapproving, shown on several occasions such as when she witnesses Stefan drinking human blood. Although Elena realizes the difficulties and nesscary needs to drink blood for a vampire to survive, she remains ignorant. Elena doesn't truly understand the importance of the need to control vampire hunger for blood, believing there is another option as such drinking animal blood or small human blood amounts. Eventually, Elena comes to learn this lesson of having to control the thirst for blood when she herself becomes a vampire in the fourth season. Whenever Elena does something wrongful against another, she displays a great amount of guilt, but at times, can be stubborn thus has a hard time admitting when she is wrong. However, when fully confronted, Elena is willing to admit and amend to her mistakes.

Elena can also be occasional dishonesty, espically in the first season when she keeps the truth about vampires and the supernatural world a secret from her friends and family. Elena feels guilty of having to hide the truth and feels even more guilt when she requests for Jeremy's memories to be erased of Vicki Donavan's death after becoming a vampire, but eventually comes to terms out of her love and protection of her family. However, Elena's main amount of dishonesty is especially in regards to her romantic feeling for Damon. When Elena begins to realize she is falling in love with Damon, she refuses to openly acknowledge or accept them and instead tries to brush aside her true feelings, desperately trying to bury and ignore them in order to stay loyal to her relationship with Stefan. Despite Elena's efforts her love for Damon becomes entirely obvious to everyone around her no matter how hard she tries to deny or ignore them.

When Elena becomes a vampire, she goes through a drastic and dramatic change in herself and begins to let out a more free spirited side she seems to have repressed. By becoming a vampire, Elena also begins to truly and fully realize her romantic feelings for Damon, realising how strong they actually are and comes to realize she can't keep ignoring them and thus finally comes to accept them and at long last admit them.


Elena is the biological daughter of Isobel Fleming and John Gilbert. However, upon her birth, they decided to give Elena up and left her in the care of John's brother Grayson and his wife Miranda and they adopted her. Since then, Elena grew up believing they were her biological parents, never told the truth about her adoption and has a brotherly relationship with her cousin Jeremy. Growing up, Elena developed several close friends in Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes, Matt Donvon and Tyler Lockwood. Later, while beginning her freshman year at Mystic Falls High, Elena and Matt began a romantic relationship, but Elena lost interest and wanted to break up with him. Eventually on a night at the school bonfire, Elena and Matt got into a fight and Elena called her parents to come and get her. During that night she met Damon Salvatore, but he compelled her to forget their meeting upon noticing her parents arrival.

However, tragedy would befall the Gilbert family as during the ride home, Elena and her parents' car drove off the Wickery Bridge and fall into a lake. Elena nearly died, but was saved by Stefan Salvatore and although he tried to rescue her parents it was already to late. Since then, Elena and Jeremy both fell into a deep depression and sorrow since the death of their parents. Jeremy fell into a rebellious stage while Elena gave up cheerleading and broke up with Matt. In the wake of her parents' death, their aunt Jenna moved into their house and became their legal guardian, but still faced some difficulties to the adjustment. Thankfully, they gained the support of their friends, including Sheriff Forbes, helping Elena and Jeremy in the beginning for weeks after the death of their parents.

The Vampire Diaries

Season One

Four months have passed since the death of Elena and Jeremy's parents and both are still struggling. It's the beginning of a new year at Mystic Falls High and Elena begins her sophomore year and attempts to a brave face as everyone is still concerned about her. However, despite her efforts, Elena remains devastated, depressed and even dead inside since her parents death.

Season Two

Season Three

Since the second season finale, throughout the entire summer, Elena has been searching none stop to find and locate Stefan with Damon's help, hoping to rescue him from Klaus and bring him back to Mystic Falls. However, Elena is frustrated when Damon apparently doesn't care much for her leads on finding Stefan, unaware he is secretly following clues and murders that Stefan and Klaus have left behind throughout a large part of the country. During the summer, Elena has grown closer with Alaric as he is living with Elena and Jeremy since the death of Jenna. With the end of summer approaching as is Elena's birthday, Caroline and their friends begin preparing for Elena's 18th birthday party. However, despite her appearance, Elena is heartbroken over her separation from Stefan and due to her depression and sadness, Elena let's her life pass her by and not live in the moment, similar to when she lost her parents.

Season Four

Taking place several hours after the third season finale, Elena is currently in the transition stage of becoming a vampire and she is forced to make a choice. Elena must either complete the transition to fully become a vampire or let herself die. While Stefan, Bonnie and the rest of their friends try to find a solution, Elena is trying to adapt to the changes around her, but finds herself uncomfortable, unable to eat and can't stand bright lights. During her transition, Elena begins to remember several important moments that Damon long ago compelled away. Elena remembers their first true meeting on the night her parents died and Damon confessing his love for Elena from the second season, leaving her awestruck from these new revelations and developments.

Season Five

Three months have passed since the season four finale and Elena has had the perfect summer and is enjoying her passionate and romantic with relationship with Damon since officially declaring her love for him. Elena and Damon are madly and deeply in love with each other, having spent the entire summer happily together with no problems or worries whatsoever. During this time, summer is nearly ending and Elena and Caroline are getting ready to attend Whitmore college together. Although secretly, Elena has been having a strange feeling regarding Stefan and starts to become worried about him as she hasn't heard from Stefan after choosing Damon over him. However side from Elena's worries regarding Stefan, Elena and everyone have remained completely unaware regarding the truth about Bonnie, believing she has been traveling with her mother, unaware that she died from the events of the fourth season finale with only Jeremy aware of the truth.

Season Six

Four months have passed since the fifth season finale. Elena has managed to grieve through Bonnie's death, but everyone is concerned that she apparently hasn't cared much over Damon's death. However, unknown to everyone, Elena is still deeply heartbroken over losing Damon and despite her efforts to grieve his death and move on with her life, Elena is unable to move forward without the love of her life. In order to cope with losing Damon, Elena gains magical herbs from Luke, allowing to hallucinate Damon without her friends knowledge.

Season Seven

Season Eight


Damon Salvatore

Elena & Damon S1E11 (2)

Elena and Damon's growing friendship.

Damon Salvatore is the older brother of Stefan Salvatore and is Elena's true love. In the first season, Elena and Damon didn't get along well in the beginning as Elena remained hostile towards Damon whenever he did some incredibly terrible things and would not hesitate to call out on his actions. However, while everyone else believed him to be nothing more than bad, Elena slowly yet surely, saw what no one else did, the good and soft side of Damon Salvatore, witnessing him making up for his past actions and earning her forgiveness. Damon and Elena grew to develop an understanding and bond together, first beginning when they took a road trip to Georgia and by the end Elena saved Damon from a vengeful vampire and witch. Since then, Damon and Elena began to develop a friendship and became allies. Damon continues to prove himself to Elena on several occasions, helping to rescue to Stefan when he was captured by the tomb vampires and saving Elena from being embrassed by becoming her escort at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. Gradually as the first season progressed, Elena and Damon's relationship changes from being enemies/frenemies to close friends.

However, unknown to Damon his feelings for Elena deepen into something more than he realises. Originally Damon was revealed to still be deeply in love with Katherine Pierce and spent the first half of the season trying to free her from the tomb of imprisioned vampires, only to learn she was never there. At long last realizing what a truly terrible person she was, Damon finally manages to let go of his feelings and began to develop an attraction and interest in Elena. Damon began to trust and rely on Elena as well as becoming protective of her, such as saving Elena for the first time when she was attacked on the road or defending her from Jeremy when he learned the truth about vampires. Towards the ending of the first season and the beginning of the second season, Damon realizes he has actually fallen in love with Elena and these feelings are proven when he supposably kisses Elena in the season one finale when in reality it was Katherine.

In the second season premiere, Damon struggles to understand and accept his feelings for Elena, while being toyed by the return of his former love, Katherine Pierce. Damon's conflict with his feelings as well as Katherine revealing she never loved him, results in a serious falling out between him and Elena when he kills Jeremy out when he is seriously provoked by Katherine. Due to this, it caused Damon and Elena's relationship to become severely strained for a magority of the first half of the season as Elena appeared she would never forgive Damon for his actions and attempts to stay away from him. However, despite Elena's anger, Damon attempts to earn her forgiveness and slowly they repair their relationship and their friendship is ultimately restored, after rescuing her from Elijah and the death of Rose. Eventually, Damon finally acknowledges his feelings and confesses his love to Elena. However, knowing he can't betray Stefan for being in love with Elena while deciding not to be selfish or deserving of her, tearfully compelles her to forget about the confession much to his heartbreak.

Damon's love for Elena is incredibly and deeply strong as he always saves Elena whenever she is in trouble if Stefan is never around. Damon also puts Elena first as if a choice is forced to be made when Elena is put in danger, Damon would always choose Elena over everything else, showing he is extremely protective of her. However, Damon believes himself to be bad for Elena and tries to bury his feelings by distracting himself and let Elena be happy with Stefan. However, over time he can't deny how he truly feels and comes to openly admit and accept his true feelings for Elena. Ever since Damon's feelings for Elena were revealed a love triangle has been created between Elena and the Salvatore brothers as both Damon and Stefan work to win and earn her heart. While Elena has yet to realize herself, she also begins to develop romantic feelings for Damon. Elena's feelings toward Damon change as she does care a great deal about him when he is feeling emotional hurt and sees more of the good side to Damon, witnessing whenever he shows a true good genuine side to himself. Elena also comes to feel guilty for when she does wrongful acts against him and comes to view Damon as one of the people she wants to protect from becoming hurt. However, Elena still has yet to fully realize herself regarding her true feelings for Damon due to her feelings and relationship with Stefan.

Damon's protectiveness of Elena is incredibly and immensely strong as Damon is willing to do anything to protect Elena even when she disapproves of his methods. Damon's actions to ensure Elena's survival can cause a rift to form in their relationship, when Damon feed Elena his blood to ensure she wouldn't die from being sacrificed in Klaus' ritual to free his werewolf side. Elena was extremely angered, not wanting to become a vampire and Damon soon came to realize and regret his actions. During the second season finale, Damon apologizes to Elena for his actions although due to her extreme anger over his actions and recently losing Jenna, Elena refuses to accept Damon's apology, appearing she would never forgive him. However, when Elena learns Damon is dying from a werewolf bite, she feels extreme guilt of her prior behaviour towards him and she begins to help find him, showing that despite recent events, Elena is willing to forget about past issues to help Damon from new threats endangering his life.

Once Elena finds Damon and returns to the Salvatore Boarding House, Elena remains by Damon's side, trying to make his last moments as comfortable as possible. During their time together, Damon apologises to Elena for all the horrible things he has done and once again declares his love. Elena tearfully forgives Damon while assuring him that despite his beliefs, she likes Damon just the way he is. Elena and Damon's feelings ultimately escalated to the point where Elena kissed Damon goodbye as he lay dying while causing Elena to realize her romantic feelings for Damon that she never knew she had. Thankfully Damon was saved by Katherine using Klaus' blood.

Elena & Damon S3E1

Damon returns Elena's necklace, making their feelings stronger and further intense.

In the beginning of the third season, Damon and Elena have developed a more closer relationship and have been working together to find Stefan's location and bring him back to Mystic Falls throughout the summer. Despite their search for Stefan and while her feelings for him remain, Elena's romantic feelings for Damon finally begin to emerge, proven numerous times as they constantly share several intense romantic moments. Damon's love for Elena continues to grow stronger even to the point where he is willing to scarifice his feelings at times to reassure Elena's happiness and hope for her relationship with Stefan, proven when he returned Elena's necklace. Throughout the season, Elena and Damon grow more closer and they both make each other better. Elena helps Damon to overcome his demons and make him feel human again while Damon inspires Elena, challenging and making her question who she really is. Eventually, Elena realizes she is in love with Damon, but is reluctant and unwilling to admit her feelings even though everyone is aware of their obvious feelings for each other from friends to enemies. Despite realizing her true feelings for Damon and while she is well aware of his mutual feelings for her, Elena tries to bury her feelings and stay loyal to Stefan.

Elena & Damon Kiss S3E10 (4)

Elena and Damon share their first real official kiss.

However, Elena struggles to stay loyal to Stefan due to his actions throughout the season while at the same time, Elena and Damon's feelings keep growing more stronger and intense. Damon constantly protects Elena while Stefan is under Klaus' influence and is there for her during hard situations. Eventually, unable to keep resisting the urge to express his love, Damon and Elena share their first official kiss outside her house. However, Elena and Damon also face issues of their own when Elena agrees to a private meeting with Ester, the mother and witch to the Original Vampires. Damon refuses, worried for Elena's safety and decides to go to protect her. Believing Damon will only ruin everything, Elena partners with Stefan to prevent Damon from interfering by breaking his neck.

When Damon reawakens and confronts Elena, he is angry and hurt by her actions. Damon and Elena's argument escalates when Damon once again declares his love, but Elena instead claims his feelings are only a problem, deeply hurting Damon and putting a severe strain on their relationship. Elena immediately regrets her actions, but Damon refuses her excuses, leading him to lash out at Kol and sleep with Rebekah, causing Elena to become jealous and further straining their relationship. However, despite being hurt by Elena's words and actions, Damon is still in love with her, but decides to have their relationship go back to it's original status.
Elena & Damon Kiss S3E19 (2)

Elena can no longer deny the chemistry and connection between her and Damon and they share a passionate romantic kiss.

Damon reveals he genuinely thought he would earn Elena's love himself, never interfering in her choice, but still hurt from Elena's words, now begins to believe he will never win her love and heart. Reluctantly, Damon accepts the situation between them, believing it's for the best. Throughout the next several episodes of the season, Elena and Damon's relationship remains strained, but despite the current status of their relationship, their feelings remain and even deepen while they are apart. Eventually, when going to rescue Jeremy from one of the Originals, Elena and Damon managed to reconcile and no longer being able to contain themselves share a passionate kiss.

By the end of the season, Elena is finally force to confront her feelings and needs to make a choice of who she wants to be with. Elena decides to be with Stefan since he and her home are back in Mystic Falls, hurting Damon, but admits if she met him first, their relationship might be different. However, unknown to Elena, Damon actually met her first before Stefan on the night her parents died. Damon noticed Elena, believing her to be Katherine, but quickly realised the truth. They talk about her relationship with Matt and Damon goes into say that Elena wants a real love that has everything. A love that will consume her, passion, Adventure and even a little danger, but their conversation is cut short when Damon notices her parents arrival and compelles Elena's memories away. Later, Damon becomes devastated as when Alaric dies, he learns about Elena's death as they are linked together, but discovers she has become a vampire.

Elena & Damon S4E1

Elena remembers Damon confessing his love.

In the fourth season when Elena becomes a vampire as well as her emotions becoming heightened, Elena truly and fully realizes her romantic feelings for Damon. Elena comes to realize how deep her love for Damon truly is and her feelings continues to grow so strong that she can no longer ignore them. Elena also sees how much Damon truly loves her as when she was in the transitioning stage, she regained her lost memories that Damon long ago compelled away such as their first meeting and Damon's love confession. Damon's love for Elena never waivers as wether a human or vampire, Damon still loves Elena with all his heart. Elena and Damon's relationship becomes closer and stronger than ever before as Elena receives great support and help from Damon, helping her through the process of becoming a vampire and controlling her hunger for blood. Damon also becomes the only person to accept and support Elena as a vampire when everyone else express their disapproval over the change in her, including Stefan unable to love Elena as a vampire and wanting desperately to make her human again.

Elena & Damon S4E6

Elena and Damon's love is stronger than it ever was before.

When Damon saves Elena from nearly killing herself from the Hunters Curse as well as Stefan realizing her love for Damon has become more stronger and serious than before, Stefan and Elena break up. Shortly after the break up, Elena and Damon can no longer contain their feelings and after sharing a romantic dance, they make love for the first time. Shortly afterwards, they begin a relationship, but face several issues. Damon is worried Elena's feelings might not be real after discovering the sirebond between them. Although it's revealed the sirebond only affects her actions and not her love for him, Damon still retains his worries of their relationship and feels guilty, believing he might be taking advantage of her. Later, Damon and Elena's relationship is broken off when Elena shuts off her humanity after the death of her brother Jeremy.

Eventually in the season finale, once the sirebond is broken and Elena's humanity is restored, Elena finally makes her true, official and final decision, ending the love triangle once and for all between her and the Salvatore Brothers. Elena desires to speak with Damon regarding their relationship, but he starts to avoid the topic and gives Elena a "graduation present", the Cure to become human again. Despite Elena's wish to once again be human, she refuses knowing the Hunters are willing to kill anyone until they get it. However, Elena soon discovers more distressing news, learning Damon has been infected with Werewolf venom and wishes for him to take the Cure to become human, thus saving his life. However, much to Elena's shock, astonishment and anger, Damon refuses to take the Cure.

Elena & Damon Kiss S4E23

Elena and Damon kiss after Elena finally makes her choice and chooses Damon over Stefan.

Towards the ending with Damon's life now safe and secured, he and Elena privately meet each other. Damon admits he isn't sorry for not wanting to Cure, revealing he would rather die than be human, knowing he would someday loss Elena if he were to become human while she remained a vampire. Overall Damon isn't sorry and thus believes it's one of the many reasons why he is wrong for Elena. In return, Elena finally begins to confess her feelings. She has no regrets since meeting Damon, reveals how he is the only person who makes her feel alive even in death and makes her question who she really is. Elena at long last finally admits she is truly in love with Damon and they share a passionate romantic kiss, finally beginning an official romantic relationship together.

In the fifth season, their relationship remains strong as they had the perfect summer and Elena begins to start collage. However, their love is threatened mainly by the Augstine Society and later by Katherine when she possesses Elena's body. Due to the issues, Elena and Damon break up for almost half of the season, but they both realize they simply can't survive without each other and get back together.

However, Elena and Damon would sadly be torn apart. Since the Travelers leader, Markos was freed, The Other Side has slowly begun to collapse and soon it will be completely destroyed. With Stefan and several of their friends already on The Other Side, Elena and everyone needed to find a way to rescue them before The Other Side ceased to exist while trying to find a way to get rid the Travelers that have invaded Mystic Falls. A spell is revealed that can save everyone and kill the Travelers at the same time. By gathering The Travelers at The Grill and by igniting an explosion, it will kill them and activate the spell necessary to bring everyone back to life. However, Damon reveals to Elena that someone has to ignite the explosion in order to activate the spell and Damon volunteers himself to ignite the explosion. Elena is highly against his decision, wanting a future together. Damon assures Elena he will come back to her. However, much to Damon's surprise, Elena decides join him to ignited the explosion and both died together to bring everyone back. Elena and everyone managed to come back to life, but the spell was stopped by Luke as Liv could no longer handle the power. Due to Luke stopping his sister, the spell had stopped, meaning Damon was unable to come back to life, leaving Elena utterly crushed, heartbroken and devastated. Before The Other Side was completely destroyed, Damon said goodbye to Elena, declaring his love and revealing she is the greatest thing that has ever happened in his life.

Elena & Damon S6E1 (1)

A heartbroken and grief stricken Elena hallucinates Damon to cope with her grief.

Elena broke down into tears over the loss of her true love, causing her an incredible immense amount of grief. Unable to survive or live without Damon in her life, Elena acquired a special magical spiritual drug from Luke, allowing her to hallucinate Damon. However, despite the drug, Elena could still not contain her grief over losing Damon, feeling she was dying inside without him and even resulted on Elena beginning to feed on humans. When her friends discovered the truth and confronted Elena, she was forced to face reality and decided it's time to finally move on with her life, but found it to be incredibly difficult and couldn't find the strength. Elena ultimately decided to compelle her memories and love of Damon away with the help of Alaric. Elena reminisced through all the moments she and Damon shared together until finally finding the moment when Elena realised she was in love with Damon. Elena confesses the moment she realised she was in love with Damon was during her 18th birthday when he returned the necklace that Stefan gave her that symbolises their bond. Elena knew how much it hurt Damon due to his own romantic feelings for her, but sees that was the most selfless Damon has ever been and in that moment, Elena finally realised she had fallen in love with him. Upon finding that moment and in that instant, Alaric managed to compelle away her memories.

Before the compulsion, she instructed everyone to keep her love for Damon a secret from her, but later after the compulsion was completed and while getting to see Stefan's new life, Stefan reveals the truth to Elena. Upset and hurt that she decided to forget about Damon in order to cope with his death, Stefan acknowledges the strong love they shared for each other, revealing when Damon died, apart of Elena died as well and despite everything Damon did, neither of them could live without him. Upon the discovery, Elena confronts Alaric and he gives her several of the mementos from her and Damon's relationship, including a letter written to herself before the complusion. The letter reveals the truth regarding her love for Damon, but also encourages Elena to try and continue to live her life without him as the loss was too great.

Elena was shock, confused and conflicted, but decided not to reverse the compulsion and chose to have Alaric keep the mementos if ever she changed her mind. Since then, Elena decided to take the advice from the letter and began to move on by beginning a relationship with fellow medical student, Liam. However, much to the shock and astonishment of everyone, Damon had returned to life. Damon reveals when The Other Side was destroyed, he and Bonnie were transported to a Prison World and were trapped for months. Throughout his time trapped, Damon missed Elena and held a strong desire to escape and be with her again.

Elena & Damon S6E6

Elena and Damon are together once again, but are separated by the compulsion.

However, Damon is upset and shocked to learn that Elena compelled her memories and love of him away. Damon attempts to see Elena again, but since his return, she begins avoiding him and runs away whenever he attempts to see her. Damon becomes worried, knowing the compulsion has caused an immense obstacle and complication to their relationship and attempts to have Alaric reverse the compulsion, but to no avail. Damon continues to remain worried, wondering if their strong love will have any effect in breaking the compulsion and restoring their relationship. While Elena refuses to see Damon since his return she eventually decides to have her memories restored, realizing she is missing half of her life and doesn't know the entire story regarding her and Damon's relationship.

However, while rescuing Damon from Tripp, a newly surfaced Vampire hunter, Alaric crossed the town boarder of Mystic Falls. Due to the magic preventing barrier surrounding the town, Alaric nearly died, but was saved by Jo and became human again, thus losing his powers and meaning he could no longer restore Elena's memories of her love for Damon. Eventually, Elena and Damon finally reunited upon seeing each other again face to face. Damon hoped upon them reuniting together, Elena's love and memories of him would return, but sadly Damon's heart was broken when Elena revealed she felt nothing upon their reunion and only remembered the horrible things he did in the past. Refusing to give up and lose the love of his life, Damon didn't lose hope and tried to help Elena to jog her lost memories of their past together, but to no avail. Eventually, Elena admitted to Damon that she does want them restored and they begin to work together to somehow reverse the compulsion. Later, they go to the town boarder and Elena briefly crosses it, regaining flashes of moments of their past together.

Elena & Damon Kiss S6E12 (2)

Elena and Damon finally get back together.

However, Damon makes a selfless decision to let Elena go. Upon seeing Elena has managed to move on with her life after his death and that she regained some normalcy she wanted when she was still human, Damon decides to let Elena be happy with her new life without him. Damon's selfless act shows he loves Elena so much he is willing to let her go to and live her life and once again declares his love for her before leaving. Since then, Elena attempts to move on and tries to begin a romance with Liam, but as time passes, Elena's feelings for Damon slowly started to return and reemerge, revealing they were never entirely or truly gone, but buried deep down inside her. Elena and Damon grew close again and ultimately she fell in love with Damon all over again, especially when Elena saw how much effort he was making to help Bonnie escape from the Prison World. Thus Elena decided to renew their relationship, but she wanted to start over. However, after a traumatic near death experience involving Caroline's mom, Elena and Damon fully resumed their romantic relationship after Elena realizes life is too short even as a vampire.

Later towards the ending of the sixth season upon Bonnie's escape from the Prison World, she revealed to have acquired the Cure to become human and gave it to Damon as a gift for Elena. Damon was faced with a difficult decision as although he knows that Elena still misses being human, Damon knew he would lose Elena as she would eventually age and die while he remained the same. Eventually, Damon decided to make the ultimate sacrifice to remain together with Elena by deciding take the Cure alongside her, meaning by giving up his life as a vampire they would still be together forever as humans. Their relationship gained more happiness as when Elena took the Cure, she regained her lost memories that Alaric compelled away. However, upon regaining her memories she didn't want Damon to become human for her sake, remembering in the fourth season that Damon revealed he doesn't want to become human. Due to this, Elena was afraid Damon would be miserable as a human and tried to convince him along with Stefan to change his mind. They almost succeeded as Stefan showed Damon several worse case scenarios, but Damon remained loyal to his decision upon seeing an happy elderly couple, making him certain of a hopeful future together with Elena. Damon also revealed he truly wanted to have a real future with her, revealing his desire to become her husband and the father of her children.

Elena & Damon Kiss S6E22 (3)

Elena and Damon say goodbye and share their final kiss together.

Sadly, Elena and Damon would once again be tragically torn apart as during Kai's attack on Jo and Alaric's wedding, Kai linked Bonnie and Elena's lives together. Elena fell into a deep sleep, remaining in perfect health and age, but won't awaken until the day Bonnie dies, thus Kai gave Damon an impossible decision, either lose the love of his life or one of his best friends. However, Damon made a sacrifice, allowing Bonnie to live out her life and would wait for the day when Elena awakens to take the Cure in the future and for them to truly begin their life together. Thus, Damon along with their friends shared their own personal goodbyes with Elena. Damon entered into Elena's mind, imagining the location of the road where they first met and both wearing their formal attires for Jo and Alaric's wedding. While Damon tries to avoid the subject, Damon sadly reveals to Elena that her and Bonnie are now linked and she won't awaken until Bonnie's death. While knowing he is making the right choice, but still heartbroken, Damon reveals to Elena he will wait for her to awaken and won't sacrifice Bonnie. Elena is proud of Damon and encourages him to live his life while she is asleep. Damon and Elena proceed to share a final heartfelt dance together and finally, Damon and Elena say goodbye, but not before declaring their love for each other and sharing one last kiss before separating, waiting for the day for them to be reunited.

Damon & Elena Kiss S8E16 (1)

Elena and Damon are finally reunited.

Eventually after years of seperation, Damon and Elena were at long last finally reunited in the series finale. Once regaining her magic, Bonnie managed to understand and control the spell and at long last finally freed Elena from her cursed slumber. Elena and Damon quickly reunited sharing their first kiss since her awakening and embracing each other. Since then, Elena and Damon finally get to share their future together as Damon became human as Stefan gave him the Cure before his death. During their life together, Elena and Damon were happily married as husband and wife and once both died they each found the peace they deserved as Elena was happily reunited with her entire family as well as Damon and Stefan.

Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore is the younger brother of Damon Salvatore and the former original love interest of Elena Gilbert. Elena and Stefan first met each other on the first day of the second year at Mystic Falls High and instantly the two developed a bond and attraction and quickly developed a relationship together. However, when Elena learns the truth about Stefan being a vampire, she decides to break off their relationship due to all the horrible things that has happened in her life, especially the events regarding Vicki Donovan. Eventually, Elena realize she can't stay away from Stefan and realises she loves him, but he tries to push her away, not wanting her to get involved in the supernatural world.

However, Elena's feelings prove to be strong and after confessing her love they get back together, but Elena becomes hurt upon discovering the truth about Katherine Pierce, a vampire with whom both Stefan and Damon were in love with. Elena learns she and Katherine look identical and believes that Stefan only loves her due to the her resemblance to Katherine, believing he might consider her Katherine's replacement. Stefan assures Elena of his love, revealing he actually saved her on the night her parents died in the car accident on the Wickery Bridge and spent months watching and observing Elena, seeing she was completely different from Katherine. Elena and Stefan's relationship is restored, but they begin to face new issues when Elena later learns about Stefan's bloodlust problem, resulting in him attacking an innocent girl. However, their relationship continues to remain strong as they prevail through several challenges and obstacles, especially when the Town Council of Mystic Falls were trying to find and kill the newly resurfaced vampires.

Throughout the beginning of the series, Elena and Stefan were always there for each other and Stefan always valued and respected Elena's choices and decisions when facing a new threat or enemy. Elena and Stefan's relationship also greatly helped Elena to finally begin to move on with her life and find joy again as when they first met, she was still deeply mourning the loss of her recently deceased parents. They also support each other at whatever problems the other is facing and although they still face issues of their own in their relationship, they prevail at whatever challenges them. However, Stefan becomes worried about his and Elena's relationship being seriously threatened when he discovers his older brother, Damon has also fallen in love with her. A love triangle is quickly formed between them, similar the original love triangle between the Salvatore Brothers and Katherine Pierce.

In the second season, Elena and Stefan face their first real challenge that threatens their relationship; the return of Katherine Pierce. She begins to torment Elena and everyone she cares about as long as she and Stefan remain together. Originally, Stefan and Elena fake break up as Katherine forces Caroline to be her spy, threatening to kill Matt. While Elena and Stefan believe they're one step ahead of Katherine, they learn the hard truth that Katherine knew they were still together. She secretly compelled Elena's aunt Jenna to also spy on them, resulting in Jenna being severely hurt and almost killed. In fear of her families safety, Elena breaks up with Stefan, much to their mutual heartbreak.

However, they later get back together when after Katherine is defeated, they begin to face a new threat in the Original Vampire, Elijah and the unseen Klaus. They discover Klaus wants Elena as she is part of a scarifice to break a curse that binds Klaus' werewolf side, but was orignally thought to be a curse between Werewolves and Vampires. Elena is willing to sacrifice herself to make sure her family and friends remain unharmed, upsetting Stefan as he wants a future with Elena. By the end of the season, Elena is saved, but after Damon is infected with a werewolf bite, Stefan gets Klaus to give him the cure to save Damon's life. However in exchange, Stefan is forced to work with Klaus, leaving Mystic Falls and Elena behind.

In the third season, Elena and Stefan face their greatest challenge yet when Stefan is forced to work with Klaus after saving Damon on the previous season finale. Throughout the summer, Elena is determined to find and save Stefan from Klaus and bring him back to Mystic Falls. However, Stefan reveals to Elena that he has no intention of being found or rescued and does everything he can to push and drive Elena away to keep her safe from Klaus, but makes Elena believe she has completely wasted her time with him. Their relationship faces further serious issues due to his humanity being turned off and later when he begins putting all his focus and energy into getting revenge on Klaus, resulting in Elena and Stefan breaking up. Elena and Stefan's relationship grows further strained due to Stefan's actions of revenge against Klaus, especially when he nearly got her killed in the same location where her parents died and even threatening to turn her into a vampire. However, Elena still retains hope for Stefan while apart of her still loves him, but her feelings for Damon gradually grow more stronger and intense.

Eventually, Stefan came to realize and deeply regret all the mistakes he made and is worried he may really lose Elena, especially when he realizes she is in love with Damon, but is unwilling to admit her true feelings. Eventually in the season finale, Elena had to choose between the two brothers and chose Stefan, revealing that despite his actions and her feelings for Damon, she never stopped loving him. However, on the way back to Mystic Falls, Elena and Matt drove off the Wickery Bridge. Stefan arrived and attempted to save Elena, but she instructed him to save Matt first and come back for her. Sadly, Elena died, but upon discovering she had Vampire blood in her system, Elena ultimately becomes a vampire.

Elena & Stefan Break Up S4E6

Stefan and Elena break up for good as Elena can longer deny her love for Damon.

In the fourth season, Elena and Stefan face issues when Elena becomes a vampire. Elena and Stefan's relationship quickly began to suffer as Elena changed once becoming a vampire and Stefan wouldn't accept it, making him want to "fix" her, upsetting Elena. Aside from Elena's changes by becoming a vampire, Elena began to truly and fully realize her romantic feelings for Damon, resulting in Elena and Stefan breaking up. While Stefan is heartbroken over losing Elena to Damon, he still deeply loves her and upon discovering the truth about the sirebond, believes he may still have a chance to win Elena back. However, he learns that although the sirebond makes Elena want to please Damon, it doesn't affect her true feelings for him. Reluctantly, Stefan comes to realize the real deep meaningful and true love that Damon has for Elena, but still holds a glimmer of hope that he and Elena might get back together.

Eventually in the season finale, Elena truly confesses her feelings, admitting she is really in love with Damon, having fall out of love with Stefan. Elena reveals although she still cares for Stefan, she no longer has the same feelings she once had, officially ending their relationship for good, leaving Stefan heartbroken. Since ending their romance, Elena and Stefan's relationship remained strained for some time as Stefan was still deeply in love with her. Elena tried to mend their friendship as although she is no longer in love with Stefan she still cares and worries for him. Gradually over time, Elena and Stefan slowly managed to reconcile as Stefan comes to accept the love between Elena and Damon and they developed a close friendship.

Matt Donovan

Matt Donovan is one of the main characters of the series and is Elena's childhood friend and former boyfriend. In the freshman year of Mystic Fall High School, they began a relationship and were each other's first loves. However, Elena eventually began to lose interest in their relationship while Matt believed they belonged together and hoped for them to someday get married. Elena ended their relationship shortly after the death of her parents Miranda and Grayson Gilbert. Matt was heartbroken and still deeply loved Elena and hoped they would eventually reconcile. He became jealous seeing Elena had began a new romantic relationship with Stefan Salvatore. Eventually, Matt came to accept Elena and Stefan were together and moved on and began a romance with fellow childhood friend, Caroline Forbes.



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  • Fans of the show ship Elena and Damon's relationship as Delena
  • Fans of the show ship Elena and Stefan's relationship as Stelena.
  • Stefan was Elena's love interest for the first two seasons.
  • Damon and Elena began a relationship in the fourth season.
  • Elena is currently in a coma as her and Bonnie's lives are linked together and Elena will remain asleep and won't awaken until Bonnie dies.
  • Elena is the doppelgänger of Katherine Pierce.
  • Elena becomes a vampire in the season three finale.
  • Elena becomes human again towards the ending of the sixth season.
  • Alaric and Rose are supporters of Elena and Damon's relationship.
  • Caroline and Lexi are supporters of Elena and Stefan's relationship.
  • Elena reveals in the sixth season the moment she realised she was in love with Damon was in the season three premiere.
  • Elena reveals the first time she felt attracted to Damon was in the first season when they shared their first dance at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant.
  • Elena's biological mother Isobel was the first person to realize Damon is in love with Elena.
  • Elena briefly becomes a villain in the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries as she shuts off her humanity when her brother Jeremy dies.
  • While Elena and Damon shared their first kiss in the second season finale, many fans believe it wasn't their offical first kiss and compare it to the kiss between them outside Elena's house.
  • Fans of the show consider Elena and Damon's first dance at the Miss Mystic Falls Pagent to be the beginning of their love story.
  • Originally Elena's necklace was to symbolise the bond and love between Elena and Stefan, but later became a symbol to represenate the strong, unbreakable, powerful bond and deep love between Elena and Damon.
  • Originally Elena's necklace belonged to Rebekah Mikaelson, one of the Original Vampires.

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