EVE is the love interest of WALL-E from the 2008 Disney/Pixar film, WALL-E. She is a robot, who was sent to Earth in the year 2805, to find a plant, to see if Earth was livable for humans. If it was, the Axiom, which is a ship where all the humans have gone to live on, would fly back.

EVE first lands on Earth on the year 2805, and meets WALL-E, who is desperately seeking someone to live with him because he is lonely, right away. EVE at first pays no attention to him, and goes on with her mission to find a plant. However, a sandstorm breaks out, WALL-E takes her into his house, and EVE begins to befriend him, out of gratitude for him saving her. However, when WALL-E shows her a plant, EVE takes it, and becomes inactive, because she has fulfilled her mission. WALL-E then spends the day with inactive EVE, and does many things couples would do, such as holding her hand.

When a ship comes to take EVE back to the Axiom, WALL-E hops onto the ship to be with her. He then follows her in the ship, and she gets very annoyed at him how he keeps messing her up, However, WALL-E saves the plant, and the two try to make their way up to the ships controls to use the plant to take them back to Earth. The two bond on the way there, as they avoid AUTO from stopping them. EVE eventually comes to love WALL-E the way he loves her.

WALL-E eventually is able to put the plant in the control panel, and send them back to Earth. Unfortunately, WALL-E is hurt in the process, and is almost destroyed. When they land on Earth, EVE repairs him, but when he wakes up, he does not remember EVE. He begins to drive away, but EVE keeps trying to remind him of their time together. EVE soon realizes she can't do this, and, sadly, gives WALL-E a farewell kiss. This jolts his memory, and his personality returns. WALL-E and EVE happily reunite as the humans and robots of the Axiom begin to restore Earth and its environment.

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