is a character from the Shrek franchise. She is the love interest of Donkey.

Dragon first appeared in the first movie, as the guard to Fiona's castle. When Shrek and Donkey went to rescue Fiona, Shrek told Donkey to find Fiona, while he would slay the dragon. However, after a mix-up, Shrek ends up finding Fiona, while Donkey is left to face the dragon. At first, Donkey is scared, but when he realizes the dragon is a girl, out of desperation, Donkey smooth talks Dragon with compliments, causing her to become infatuated and spare his life.

Donkey later finds Dragon weeping with loneliness by a brook. Feeling sorry for her, Donkey overcomes his initial hesitation and approaches the forlorn creature, whereupon the two reconcile and become a couple.

A tamed Dragon helps Shrek and Donkey prevent Fiona’s wedding to Farquaad by flying them to Duloc, and, when Farquaad attempts to kill Shrek and put Fiona back in her tower forever, Dragon eats Farquaad.

After this movie, Donkey and Dragon eventually get married, and have "dronkeys" (a hybrid of both dragons and donkeys).

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