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Dr. Chase Meridian




Batman Forever






Chasing Batman


Get with either Batman or Bruce Wayne

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Sequel Love Interest


Dr. Chase Meridian is Bruce Wayne's love interest in Batman Forever


Chase came to Gotham to study the alarming rise in psychotic behaviour, namely Batman and Two-Face. After getting a close look at Batman, she developed an attraction. She summoned him with the Batsignal, but only to flirt and try to get him to sleep with her.

Chase begins seeing Bruce Wayne as a patient, as his repressed memories are coming back to haunt him. Bruce later invites her to the circus, which Chase accepts, but she refuses to go steady with Bruce because of her crush on Batman.

Bruce continues seeing Chase as a patient. Their attraction grows over time, mainly because whenever Bruce is around, Batman enters the conversation. After Batman agrees to meet Chase at her apartment, she passionately kisses him, to realize she loves Bruce.

Bruce invites Chase to his apartment, ready to reveal his secret, only for Two-Face and The Riddler to break in and kidnap her. Batman and robin comes to her rescue and Chase finds out the true identity of batman. She is saved from Riddler and Two-face by the duo, and she visits riddler to see if he remembers the true identity of batman. She tells bruce his secret is safe, from riddler going insane, and kisses him, as they part ways.


  • It is unknown what happened to her afterwards, as she was not seen or even mentioned in Batman and Robin.
  • Chase Meridian has no comic-book equivalent, similar to Rachel Dawes.
  • Chase Meridian is alarmingly similar to the Joker's girlfriend Harley Quinn. Both are psychologists, both develop an attraction to mentally unhealthy men, both are sexually aggressive and both were created outside of the comic-book series.
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