Donnanewton (2)

Donna Newton' was one of Michael Scott's girlfriends in the US version of The Office.


Donna works as a bar manager. When Michael and his employees decided to end the week by going out for drinks, he made a scene and got Donna to talk him down. Michael then tried standing up for himself, but instead of getting into an argument, the two got friendly.

Sometime later, Donna went to Michael's offcie hoping to become a client. Jim and Pam, fully aware of Michael's growing attraction to Donna, decided to keep an eye on him so he didn't blow it. To everyone's shock, Donna admits that she just wanted to see Michael and the two become a couple.

Michael begins to suspect that Donna might be cheating on him after several signs of a secret life start surfacing. Dwight tries seducing Donna in the hopes of catching her out, but fails terribly. Michael then approaches Donna and asks her if its true. Donna replies that she's not cheating on Michael, she's cheating with Michael. Michael finds out that Donna is married and tracks down her husband, hoping to find a bad guy but instead finding a decent human being who does not deserve any of this drama. Michael decides to keep seeing Donna, to the disgust of his employees. While arranging to meet Donna at a motel, Michael realises what a horrible person he is for doing this and turns around, breaking up with Donna via text.

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